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Anime Artisan Keycaps

Anime artisan keycaps are a unique way to customize your computer keyboard. Made from silicone, resin, and wood, these keycaps feature illustrated designs. Whether you use an old-fashioned wooden keyboard or a new PC, anime keycaps are a great way to add some kawaii flair to your keyboard. Here are some examples of some of the best anime artisan keycaps.

OEM profiles are durable and comfortable to type on. OEM-style key caps are also available. Overwatch keycaps have colorful designs that complement the theme of the popular video game. Pokemon keycaps are based on the popular cartoon series, so the designs are bright and vibrant. You might be interested in a Bulbasaur keycap with a purple underflow. These keycaps are affordable and stylish. You can even find one in a set of two or more.

A few of the keycaps on the market are animated. They feature Japanese cultural elements and are designed to fit on most keyboard switches. These keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX, box style, and cherry mix switches. They have a good height. They are also made from thick resin. A downside to these keycaps is that they only come with the escape key. However, you can find a few that come with an escape key, too.