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Anime Backlit Keycaps

Anime Backlit Keycaps are custom made, full set of backlit keyboard caps. They are available for your Cherry MX, box style or Cherry Mix switches. They are available in black, white or clear colors. The keycaps are made of resin. They are about a half inch tall, with a thin white outline.

These keycaps feature intricate designs inspired by the popular anime series Fate Stay Night. The backlighting is made of translucent LEDs for a stylish, dramatic effect. These keycaps are made from durable polycarbonate plastic and are compatible with most mechanical keyboards. They also feature an OEM profile and come with black coating.

The OEM profile is soft and comfortable to type on. The design is stylish and looks great. The Overwatch keycap set is a good choice for anyone with a gaming keyboard. This set is both stylish and affordable. The Pokemon keycap set is also a great option, as it is inspired by the popular cartoon series. The colors are vibrant in person, and the shine-through is decent. The Bulbasaur keycap is especially nice, with its purple underflow.