Akko Keycaps

Akko Keycaps is the original name given to the company that manufactures these highly popular and stylish keypads. This small company based out of Finland has been in the business of creating high quality and fully-latable plastic key cap keyboards and gaming related accessories for decades. They have continually been on the cutting edge of keycap manufacturing and design. And continue to deliver the best in products and customer service. Their extensive line of plastic key caps include both backlit and non-backlit varieties. They come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, clear, green, ivory, white, purple, etc.

The main difference between the Backlit and Non-Backlit types of Akko keycaps is in the keycap material itself. The Backlit variety comes in a variety of colors including black and blue and uses an ABS plastic which is resistant to impact and weathering. The ABS plastic also ensures that the keypad does not crack under pressure, something that you definitely don’t get with the standard patron type. Non-Backlit keypads use a clear metallic color for their keycaps which are great if you want to be able to see through the keypad, but not if you want to be able to easily switch between applications and don’t like to change keys often.

With Akko, you never have to worry about having to figure out how to put on or remove your keycaps again. The reason is because the company offers a wide range of universal keypad pullers and membrane switches. Akko has four different universal keypad pullers. They are Gateron Push-fit, O-ring Plus, PBT keycap set, and the membrane push-fit. Each of these keycap pullers and switches has its own unique features and benefits. And using them all together can mean more options for you. For example, with the Gateron Push-fit, you get a modular system that allows you to interchange your keycaps. The great point is you don’t have to drill holes in your laptop case.

On the other hand, with the O-ring Plus, you get one O-ring per key for maximum durability and strength. Along with extra protection around the exterior edges of your laptop. Last but not least, with the PBT keycap set, it lets you replace individual keycaps with greater ease and efficiency.

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