Blue Keycaps

Blue recaps are a great way to bring out the “blue” in your computer keyboard. They are a type of plastic keycap, which is produced from UV resistant or white polycarbonate. And are often embossed with either a manufacturer’s name or a company logo.

These color keycaps provide an easy to see a graphic representation of a keystroke and have several advantages in comparison to standard plastic keycaps. Blue keycaps have an “antimicrobial” property and are also known to resist grease, and liquid spillage. However, there are also several disadvantages associated with this type of keypad, as well.

One of the biggest advantages is that blue keycaps are very easy to install and replace. This is because they do not use mechanical components but employ a sort of electronic circuit instead. Also, since the electronics inside them are relatively simple, these keypads can be produced in large quantities with great efficiency, making them somewhat of “mass production” items. In other words, the advantages of blue keycaps include not only a wide range of functionality, but the ability to produce a large variety of keypad sets at a low cost.

There are, however, some disadvantages to the use of those keycaps. The biggest disadvantage is that the color blue is generally seen as a poor choice for many applications. In particular blue keycaps are generally seen as not being particularly practical or user friendly. Additionally, due to the relative ease of production, blue keycaps often have a greater than average cost of production. They are also consequently sold at a higher price than their alternative, such as standard keycaps.

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