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Features of the Sakura Michi Keycaps From Tai-Hao

If you want a backlit keyboard, the Sakura Michi keycaps from Tai-Hao are the way to go. The name Sakura Michi means ‘path filled with cherry blossoms’ in Japanese. The backlit keys are constructed with strong PBT and feature double-shot legends. Compatible with Cherry MX switches, they are compatible with most keyboards. Listed below are a few features of the Sakura Michi keycaps.

The Tai-Hao brand is known for producing quality keyboard keycaps, which are made from PBT plastic instead of ABS, which is often found in standard keyboards. This gives the keys a better feel, while also increasing the durability of the keycaps. The Tai-Hao brand has been making keycaps for decades and has captured the hearts of keyboard enthusiasts. For the price of one set of keycaps, you can get an entire new keyboard for under $50.