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How to Clean Keycaps on Your Keyboard

Cleaning keycaps on your keyboard is simple. Soak it in warm water for four to six hours, or longer if the cap is extremely dirty. However, do not use hot water or soap to clean it, as it can harm the springs and underlying PCBs. Instead, you can use a Q-Tip to clean the keycaps, and then remount them after the solution has completely dried.

After the alcohol dries, use a clean cotton swab or Q-Tip to wipe the keycaps. You should use an antistatic cloth to avoid leaving any residue. Microfiber cloths can also be used to clean your keys. But, you should remember to avoid using the same cleaning cloth repeatedly, as the cloth can leave particles on the keyboard. This method is only effective if you have a soft brush to wipe the keys.

Some keys have special keys that are quite firm. It’s better to remove these keys by using a knife. For letters and numbers, it is best to remove them by pressing them with your finger. But don’t discard the keys unless you’re sure they’re all in perfect condition. You can even take photos of your keyboard to prove that you cleaned each keycap thoroughly. The best way to clean the keys is by soaking them in a cleaning agent. You can soak them for about 6 to ten minutes in water.

The best way to clean a Corsair K65 keycap is to soak it in warm water. The solution will remove the dust and oil from the surface. Make sure you rinse your keys well after using it. If it still doesn’t look clean, you can use a 99% pure alcohol solution. The product is available at your local pharmacy. It is similar to Windex but comes in a spray bottle. To use it, simply pour a small amount of it into the keycap and rub it with a microfiber cloth.

You can use a cotton swab to clean your keycaps. You can even use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. To remove stubborn traces of gunk, you can use a Q-tip or stiff-bristle brush. Afterwards, you can lay the keycaps on a towel to dry. Then, simply shake the keyboard with a trash can to remove the soaked part of the keycap.

To clean keycaps on a computer, soak them in lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid. Be careful not to over-dunk the keys as they may damage the plastic. Moreover, hot water will distort the keys. During this process, you should not apply too much detergent or use too much heat to the keyboard. The temperature should be between thirty and fifty degrees. If the keycaps are dipped in water, you should avoid scalding the keyboard with too much soap.