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How to Make Keycaps

If you’re wondering how to make keycaps, you’re not alone. The question is, how to make keycaps that look great? Fortunately, there are many easy methods to make keycaps. Learn how to use liquid plastic resin to create keycaps that are perfect for your needs. Listed below are the steps for each method. Each method uses slightly different materials and can take several hours to complete.

Artisanal keycaps, also known as handmade keycaps, are characterized by their design and rarity. Their production time is longer than traditional keycaps because of the extensive process. Unlike mass-produced keycaps, these pieces require multiple molds to create, casting materials, and dye. They are then baked for several hours before they are ready for use. The process is time-consuming, and many customers have to wait several weeks or even months for their custom keycaps.

In addition to selling their keycaps online, many manufacturers also hold raffles of their products. To enter, interested customers can join a Discord channel for that manufacturer’s raffle. After filling out a form, they’ll be invoiced for the cost of the keycaps they won. This way, they can be sure they’re getting the perfect keycap for their keyboards. With a little bit of work, they can turn this hobby into a profitable business.

While custom-made keycaps are more expensive than the usual type, they’re a great option for unique designs. They are one-of-a-kind, and can be single-color or multi-colored. If you want to make a keycap with a particular design or character, you can choose the best materials for this process. You can choose to have your keycaps removable or not, which gives you flexibility and style.

To create multi-color keycaps, you’ll need to fill a master mold with multiple colors, then let it cure under pressure. This will prevent any visible air bubbles from forming inside the keycap. While it is possible to make keycaps without a pressure pot, you should know how to use it properly so you can create the perfect keycaps. This tutorial will help you create beautiful custom keycaps for your mechanical keyboard.

The main difference between standard and sculpted keycaps is the shape. Uniform keycaps are flat and uniform, while sculpted keycaps are slightly angled. Uniform keycaps are flat and are often found on enthusiast keycap sets. They can be hard or soft, and they can have many different shapes. Choosing the correct shape will make the difference between a keyboard that looks better and one that feels better.

The price of custom keycaps varies based on materials and the shape. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a keycap that matches the keys of your keyboard perfectly. The cost will depend on the shape, the material, and the creator’s printing technology. Once you’ve decided on the look, it’s time to make the keycap. Creating custom keycaps is fun and rewarding.