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How to Make Keycaps

If you’re thinking about making your own keycaps, you may wonder how to go about doing it. First, sketch out a design. Next, choose colours and details. This is a very creative process, and you might need to use software to create complex designs. Here are some helpful tips to make your own keycaps.

Sculpting your own keycaps may be fun, but you can also use a 3D printer to create a prototype. This will allow you to test out your designs and determine the best process. 3D printed keycaps are much cheaper than those made by hand, and they usually require less labor than artisan keycaps. A Petey Piranha keycap, for example, costs less than $10 for the head and body. An artisan keycap, on the other hand, costs $20-40, or more. While they’re less expensive, these costs are largely related to the time it takes to print the coating and material. Luckily, the number of keycap creators is quite small worldwide, so you’re unlikely to end up paying more than you have to.

Another important step in making keycaps is to choose a mold. If you want to use resin, you’ll need a mold box. A mold box is a special cavity for your master sculpt. You can buy mold boxes made by makers, make one yourself, or 3D print your own. Another option is to build one out of LEGOs. LEGO pips are also a great way to make a mold box.

Before making your keycaps, you need to consider the shape of your keys. You’ll need to select the right shape and profile based on your preferences. Some people prefer their keys rounded, while others prefer theirs flat. The shape of the keys will also affect the typewriter’s comfort.

When you’re learning how to make keycaps, you should be aware that there are many benefits. Because custom keycaps are rare, you’ll have the opportunity to make a unique, limited-edition product that will be one of a kind. Custom keycaps have a high value and are a great way to show your personality or brand.

The quality of keycaps can vary greatly. Some are made of PBT or ABS, and can last for years. Different materials can impart different effects on the colors and textures of your keyboard. Make sure to check the legends of each before choosing one. If you can afford it, you might be able to buy custom-made keycaps that fit your keyboard perfectly.

Changing keycaps is a relatively easy process. While the actual keycaps have no mechanical parts, they still fit on your keyboard by friction fit. To change your keycaps, you need a keycap puller. This tool consists of a wire loop that slides under your existing keycaps. After that, you just line up the stem and press down.