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Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

After much deliberation, you’ve chosen to upgrade from a standard keyboard with printed keycaps to light-up keyboards with LED or RGB illumination. First and foremost, you must have thought about the power consumption of the backlit keyboard’s LED illumination.

Is it true that light-up keyboards use more power than other types of keyboards? You may be asking yourself right now. My job is to help you understand this. What are light-up keyboards, do they consume more electricity than normal keyboards, what is the difference between standard and light-up keyboards, and everything in between will be discussed in this article.

What Are Light-Up Keyboards?

light-up keyboards
Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

Because many keyboard aficionados don’t know what light-up keyboards are, you may not be familiar with the language used to describe them.

Let’s just say that light-up keyboards have a significant quantity of LED backlighting that extends beyond a few of indicator lights. Meaning that these keyboards are intended to provide a visible glow upon activation of the power switch.

Right present, there are a wide variety of keyboards that light up. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most prevalent light-up keyboards in the IT industry.

LED Backlit Keyboards: The most popular form of backlighting is LED backlighting. With a single-color LED frame, these keyboards may produce any light that is programmed into them.

Zone Backlit RGB Keyboards: There are LED lights that can produce all the colors in the RGB scale, and this is what we’re talking about when it comes to RGB lighting. It should be noted that the Zone Backlit RGB Keyboards do not offer totally adjustable illumination.

Fully Individually Backlit RGB Keyboards: Fully Individually Backlit RGB Keyboards come with individual RGB lights on each keyboard switch, allowing for total lighting flexibility for the user to customize their lighting. Any key may be turned into a different color using proprietary software. Light-up keyboards are generally the most expensive in the market.

Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

light-up keyboards
Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

Many people have wondered if light-up keyboards consume more power than regular keyboards. The answer is yes, although in insignificant proportions.

Meaning that USB keyboards and other input devices consume so little power that any increase in power is either ignored or not evaluated at all. Because of this, even though you might believe your light-up keyboards are power-hungry because of the LED lighting, the LED lights consume a fraction of the power of the real operating keyboard and are therefore not power-hungry.

When it comes to excessive power usage, the device’s temperature is a key indicator. If it’s becoming hot, it’s more probable that the gadget is using a lot of power, so be aware. When working with electronic gadgets, bear this in mind.

Keyboards with lights compared. standard keyboards: Power Consumption

light-up keyboards
Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

In light of our newfound understanding of the fact that keyboards with LED lights do not consume much more energy than other gadgets, I feel it is time to talk about how much energy these keyboards truly consume.

It’s because USB input devices only demand a little amount of electricity.

When connected to the 500mA at 5V USB connection, a typical keyboard will use roughly 2.5W per hour. A decimal fractional increase is made, but the 2.5W number stays nearly same.

Why is this the case then? Just about 0.00055W of electricity is required to light up the LEDs on a light-up keyboard, and when compared to a conventional keyboard, this is a tiny difference. For the most part, most keyboards won’t even need more than 2.5W per hour to power up. Keyboards can operate effectively with 0.5W per hour when resting, which is pretty impressive.

Light-Up Keyboards: Pros

light-up keyboards
Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

Assuming you’ve finally decided to invest in a trendy light-up keyboard for your computer setup, here’s a list of benefits that you’re sure to like.

  • Visually appealing — One of the major advantages of investing in a light-up keyboard is that it has a visually appealing design. When appropriately selected, the color scheme of these keyboards will precisely complement the computer configuration of the owner.
  • Laser printed or double-shot keycaps are used in some light-up keyboards. For those who don’t want to stand out in a dark room, most light-up keyboards include clear shining keycap legends that allow keycap legend lighting, which works well for individuals using the keyboard.
  • When it comes to gaming, the subtle illumination of these keyboards may be quite useful. It’s hard to picture turning on the lights and waking up your mate if they’re sleeping next to you. Now you can see what you’re doing while playing and be courteous at the same time, thanks to these illuminated keycaps and customizable brightness settings.
  • A home desktop arrangement that allows you to operate in the dark is essential for late-night freelancers. Even better is adding a light-up keyboard to the mix. As a result, you will be able to view all the letters and components of the keyboard without disturbing others or drawing attention to yourself.
  • When we say that light-up keyboards are fantastic, we really mean it. They’re the best of the best. As a rule, LED backlit keyboards provide more than simply backlighting. They’re regarded superior since they offer additional functions that conventional keyboards may not have.

Lighting Keyboards: The Downside

light-up keyboards
Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

The answer is no. When purchasing a light-up keyboard, make sure you are aware of the disadvantages and issues you may encounter. In order for you to make the proper final purchase decision, we’ve compiled a list of them.

  • Most light-up keyboards are pricey, especially when they’re high-quality and from a reputable manufacturer, which is an issue for many budget gamers and employees. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a keyboard, this won’t work for you.
  • LED lighting isn’t for everyone, but for the majority of people, it’s really fantastic. It’s a waste of money to get a light-up keyboard if you’re not a fan of bright lights on your peripherals, especially if you’re planning to keep the keyboard’s light off at all times.
  • Low-cost keyboards are choppy – It’s accurate to say that most keyboards with backlighting are high-end and costly. Some light-up keyboards, on the other hand, are nothing more than a backlit facsimile of a keyboard. In addition to being expensive, these choppy keyboards may not operate for very long. Because of this, you should avoid them at all costs.

Is It Worth Investing on a Light-Up Keyboard?

light-up keyboards
Is it true that light-up keyboards consume more energy?

Should you get a light-up keyboard for your personal computer setup? Well, it really depends on what you desire. As a fan, it’s a must have. In contrast, if you dislike RGB, this definitely isn’t the greatest choice for you.

Another consideration is whether or not you can afford it. Light-up keyboards might be a great investment if you can afford them. Decide what you want to do.


Contrary to common perception, light-up keyboards do not consume more power than conventional keyboards do. It is possible that these keyboards, in their wireless version, will drain the keyboard’s battery more quickly. Get a decent quality light up keyboard and you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be a member of the keyboard enthusiast community.

It’s my goal that you’ve learnt a lot from this post and that you’ll keep it in mind when you buy your next keyboard for yourself. Have a nice time with your keyboarding skills!

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