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Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

Do you know what are Kawaii keycaps and where is the best place to buy them? Discover in the article below of

What are Kawaii Keycaps?

Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types
Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

In general, the Kawaii Keycaps are the only keycaps that are extensively illustrated with fantastic animation. Kawaii is a Japanese-based animated series that has excellent animation characters. These characters are used in the Kawaii keycaps. Likewise, many other keycaps are made from the cherry profile with a uniquely thick ABS plastic used in them. Moreover, some of the manufacturers also use PBT materials as well. So make your keyboard more illustrated with an energetic vibe with those keycaps.

Types of Kawaii Keycaps you should consider

There are several types of Kawaii keycaps. Most of them are differentiated through the animation and colors used in them. The most common and the top seller types of kawaii key caps are.

Anime Keycaps

anime keycaps kawaii
Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

A keycap is a coating or a cover of plastic or metal, including other materials. In addition, that plastic is placed over a vital switch of a computer keyboard. Keycaps are often designed in an illustrated way to indicate the critical function of the button.

Anime keycaps are right now the most favorable keycaps there are. Everyone craves it. Anime keycaps are one of the most wanted keycaps in the market right now!

How much? The Anime keycaps will cost 50 dollars to 160 dollars depending on the materials and and the number of keycaps you want.

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Pokemon Keycaps

pokemon key caps
Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

Pokemon keycaps are another great invention for the keyboard. Those keycaps are the animated part of the keyboard that we type on it. In addition, the keycaps are designed in the famous cartoon and gaming Pokemon sketches of different characters. The pokemon keycaps are the most likable animated keycaps in the whole world. Every PC user, especially gamers, really demand it.

Moreover, every gaming lover has a gaming pc. The great PC has everything related to games like a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming stickers, and animated lights all around the gaming setup. A gamer always wants to modify everything according to the actual gaming room. Likewise, the keyboard too. The gaming keyboards come with different lights.

How much? In fact, the price of the pokemon keycaps is diable. Looking at its demand, it will cost from $60 to $120.

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Rilakkuma keycaps

rilakkuma key caps
Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

There are several types of keycaps that people like to prefer. They have been in the top demand ever since its beginning. Right now, the most stylish keycaps that have excellent material and colors are the Rilakkuma keycaps. Rilakkuma keycaps, set from Rilakkuma and PBT features, are attractive with elegant design and coloring that can be placed on any keyboard. Moreover, the shape of the Rilakkuma keycaps is very satisfying. It is referred to from the name with the Rilakkuma touch and sleek design, and it is a must-buy keycap.

How much? The price of the rilakkuma keycaps starts from $50 to $60.

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Sakura Keycaps

Sakura key caps
Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

Sakura keycaps are the most standard keycaps available. With the pink cherry color, it looks fantastic on a white keyboard. Moreover, they are the priority keycaps for girls too. The sakura keycaps are highly recommended for any kind of typing. They increase the comfort during typing. In fact, there is a great demand in the market right now.

How much? The price of the sakura keycaps is very reasonable. It cost $40 to $50 maximum.

Best place to buy Kawaii Keycaps?

Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types
Understanding Kawaii Keycaps And Their Types

In our opinion, one of the best place to purchase Kawaii keycaps is There is nothing better in quality and design than their product.


In conclusion, those keycaps are the most famous. Its types are the most selling keycaps right now. They have great animation with great illustrated designs. It completely makes the keyboard look amazing. They are completely reasonable in price as well. Most of the kawaii keycaps use PBT as well ABS material. So choose according to your profitability.

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