Beauty White pink Ancient culture for Filco keycaps Set


-Matterial: PBT

-Process: Dye-sub and Top print

-Profile: DSA style

-Other: No backlight Allow

-Compatible: Keyboard with ANSI Layout



A beautiful Keycaps for cute-things-lovers! Keycap 108 dye-sublimated Compare Filco/DUCK/Ikbc MX switch mechanical keyboard keycap.

With PBT thick would make you feel dancing with your keyboard. DSA Profile-every keycap be same height, make you feel easily to use and ANSI Layout could compare with any Mech-keyboard on markets.

We have another Colour set: Blue+ Grey, Grey + Dark Grey…..Choose your own.
Introduced to the public in 1992, Filco is the most famous biological (and brainchild) that the Japanese company Diatec has created. If you try to find information about Filco as well as Diatec, there are quite a few on the market because you are searching in English. If you have a bit of Japanese, try searching for information for yourself.

In general, we can see that PBT keycaps are more expensive than ABS. This is because the production process for PBT keycaps is much more difficult. However, here, we offer you an extremely affordable option, without spending money but still owning a good product like this.

If you have any questions about the product, please message us for dedicated advice.


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Blue, Grey, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow


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