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What Are Rilakkuma Keycaps And Where To Buy Them?

What Are Rilakkuma Keycaps?

What Are Rilakkuma Keycaps And Where To Buy Them?

There are several types of keycaps that people like to prefer. They have been in the top demand ever since its beginning. Right now, the most stylish key caps that have excellent material and colors are the Rilakkuma keycaps. Mentioned keycaps, set from Rilakkuma and PBT features, are attractive with elegant design and coloring that can be placed on any keyboard. The shape of those keycaps is very satisfying. It is referred to from the name with the Rilakkuma touch and sleek design, and it is a must-buy keycap.

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Materials Of Rilakkuma Keycaps

What Are Rilakkuma Keycaps And Where To Buy Them?

There is an excellent material used in the mentioned keycaps. It is made from PBT, which is a high-profile material. PBT is a high-quality material that has so many benefits. There are many other materials available that can be used in those key caps. However, they use PBT due to its high quality and usefulness.

Tthe advantages you will get from the PBT Rilakkuma Keycaps

Stain Resistance

The first and foremost advantage you will get is stain resistance. Most of the keycaps get stains that look very old and bad. While those keycaps, which are made up from the PBT they stain entirely resistant. Moreover, they are very rough, which never gets the stains of oils and other scratches. PBT is an ideal material for any Keycaps. Those keycaps is more famous because of the PBT materials used in it.

High Strength

The PBT material has very high strength. Most of the typing masters or those who type a lot always need keycaps with a higher power. The Rilakkuma key caps have a very tall straight no matter how fast you type, thanks to the best PBT materials used in them. The reason behind the long-lasting Rilakkuma key caps is the PBT material.


What Are Rilakkuma Keycaps And Where To Buy Them?

The first thing that we check before buying any gadget is durability. Likewise, in the keycaps too. Those keycaps are very durable and rugged. It will never get off the board. All credits go to the PBT materials. The PBT material makes the Rilakkuma keycaps more durable in any situation. It is a known fact that the PBT is more demanding and durable than the ABS. The Rilakkuma is preferable for gaming. From there, you can suggest how stable it will be.

Dry And Scratchless

The PBT is more dry than oily. Some users, like the dry keycaps, liked to have the oily. However, the research says that dry ones are much better than oily ones. The oily gets a lot of stain and dirt. On the other hand, the dry can absorb any oils making the keycaps ready for typing. The PBT keycaps will always be dry, unlike ABS, which is oily. Now it’s up to you to choose which one you prefer. Mentioned keycaps have dry key caps due to the PBT materials used in them.

Quite when typing

The two benefits make the button very quiet while typing on it—the thickness of the keycaps and the smooths. So when you put force on a button, it merely feels like you take action. Using the material of PBT in the Rilakkuma keycaps is a fantastic invention. Typing reliably and more quietly is the way to a better experience with any keyboard.


The rilakkuma comes in many variants of colors. They are more vibrant like pink brown and in skin color. Each color perfectly matches your keyboard color.

How Much Does Rilakkuma Keycaps Cost?

What Are Rilakkuma Keycaps And Where To Buy Them?

Those keycaps cost very little. Despite using PBT material in it still, it is cheaper than a lot of them. It will cost around $50 to $60.

Best Place To Buy Rilakkuma Keycaps?

The best place to purchase those keycaps is There is nothing better in quality and design than their product.


Rilakkuma keycaps are great key caps for any type of keyboard. There are different designs and colorings of various keycaps that you will find. However, today we have found the best of them. The Rilakkuma keycaps. They are outstanding in every aspect that they can be used for. Moreover, the materials used in it are likewise excellent. So buy it now you will be satisfied. You can have many choices in it. Just imagine how it will look in your room and all the gaming setup that you will have.

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