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SDYZ Redsun Japanese Keycaps

The Sakura set of Japanese keycaps is inspired by the cherry blossoms that are blooming in Tokyo at sunset. The crimson and purple color scheme is reminiscent of these flowers and is complemented by the jet black keys. These keycaps have a DSA profile which means that they are low-profile, uniform, and suitable for flat or slightly angled keyboards.

The XDA profile of the Sakura Japanese Keycaps is wider and has more space for the Japanese characters. While the latter is more appealing, it lacks the nifty features of the XDA profile, including the fact that it prioritizes the Japanese characters. Despite this, the sakura design is a good choice for those who prefer the clean look and feel of keycaps.

The IDOBAO DSA Sakura keycaps feature a clean design and are made of ABS plastic. They also feature a consistent font. They also feature a soft, yet grippy texture. The red base keys have a unique pattern with dark gray modifiers and golden accent keys. These are a great option for users who want a Japanese-themed set. The IDOBAO DSA Sakura set has a great combination of black and white colors, and the colors do not fade over time.

The SDYZ Sakura Japanese Keycap Set is made for those who love the Sakura-Land theme. They are made from PBT thick plastic and are pink and white. The OEM Profile and ANSI Layout of this set make it easy to compare it to any mechanical keyboard. The Function Kit bonus is an extra bonus to enhance your DIY design. You can also purchase a matching mouse pad with the set.

The IDOBAO DSA Sakura keycap set looks clean and simple, but its Japanese symbol accents and floral motifs are eye-catching. The DSA Sakura Keycap set utilizes a DSA profile that is both low-profile and quick. The PBT keycaps are durable and won’t fade over time. If you are looking for a Japanese-themed keyboard, the IDOBAO DSA set is an excellent choice.

The SDYZ Redsun Japanese keycaps are available in stock and will ship the same day. Once shipped, they will arrive in 4 business days in the United States. Hana means “flower” in Japanese, and these keycaps feature floral motifs, Japanese characters, and bamboo. They are among the best-looking keycaps on the market today. They are a must-have for any keyboard.

The 129 individual keycaps of the Japanese Sushi keycap set are designed to cover the entire keyboard. In addition to the traditional sushi rolls, the keys are designed to be comfortable to use. The Japanese styled keyboards are a great choice for both aesthetics and function. The unique design of these keycaps is another plus. The beautiful colors and designs make them a fantastic choice for PCs and laptops alike.