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The Sakura and IDOBAO Sakura Japanese Keycaps

You’ve likely heard about the Sakura Japanese keycaps and wondered what they’re all about. Inspired by the Sakura-Land video game, the keycaps feature purple and white colors with gold-enamel legends. You can purchase a complete set of Sakura keycaps for your keyboard or individually. Both types offer the same high-quality feel and look.

One set features 129 keys, covering most full-size keyboards. The other features include sushi-roll graphics on the 1u novelty keys. In addition, these keycaps are made of PBT, which will not warp. They also feature dye-sublimated legends to prevent LED backlighting from fading. If you’re interested in Japanese keycaps, be sure to take a look at the price tag and design options.

Another Japanese keycap set is the IDOBAO DSA Sakura set. The keycaps are made of 1.45 mm thick PBT plastic. They feature floral symbols on modifiers. The DSA profile of the keycap is ideal for frequent use, as it allows for faster, lower-profile action. The keycaps also have a grainy surface, which helps prevent the buildup of oils and fingers. This allows for a cleaner and more stylish appearance.