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Types of Keycaps and How to Replace Them

If you are looking to customize your keyboard, changing the keycaps is the first step. This is one of the easiest upgrades for a keyboard modder. If you have never replaced a keycap before, you may be confused by the various product descriptions and the price tags. However, don’t despair! This article will walk you through the different types of keycaps, and give you the basic information on how to replace them.

There are many different types of keycaps on the market. The best ones are double-shot and dye-sublimated. Double-shot keycaps are made through a complicated manufacturing process, where two different plastics are molded together. This allows light to shine through the keycap. The materials used to make these keycaps are PBT or ABS. Double-shot keycaps are the best of the four, and you’ll want to check out the legends before you buy them.

ABS and PBT keycaps are both durable, and the most common. While PBT keycaps are not painted, they are much more likely to become shiny and faded with time. Despite these benefits, both types of keycaps require more care, so make sure you’re careful when you buy them. In addition, ABS keycaps tend to shine and feel moist over time, while PBT keycaps are more durable but less colorful.

Keycaps are made of two main plastics: ABS and PBT. ABS is light and flexible, while PBT is thicker and has a better texture. Both types are cheap, but ABS keycaps tend to have a higher pitch than PBT ones. However, it’s up to you to decide which one will suit your needs best. A keycap should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, so choose a keycap that works well for you.

When choosing keycaps, you should consider the profile and size of the keys. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and heights. You may want to avoid keycaps that are too tall or too short for the keys. This makes the keyboard feel unnatural. OEM keycaps, on the other hand, are typically taller than Cherry and are made of plastic. You may also want to check out the shapes of keycaps and their profiles.

Uniform profile keycaps are the most common type for keyboards. They’re flat and make it easier to press, but uniform profiles are more comfortable and less tiring to type on. The various profiles of keycaps define the appearance and feel of the keyboard. Uniform profile keycaps are easier to find and press, while sculpted profile keycaps follow the shape of the fingers and increase typing speed. But both types have their advantages.

XDA keycaps have a short profile, but they have a more uniform design than DSA. They’re often referred to as “unsculpted” keycaps because they lack curvature. They also require a bit more acclimation, since they don’t fit perfectly with keyboards that don’t feature them. Moreover, not many keyboards come with DSA keycaps.