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What Are Double Shot Keycaps?

If you have a mechanical keyboard, you’ve probably wondered what are double shot keycaps. The textured surface of these keycaps adds extra grip and helps prevent slippage. The double shot walls are 1.5mm thick, resulting in superior keypress stability. These caps also feature sharp, modern fonts and fade-free backlit legends. You’ll love them for their durability, reliability, and low maintenance.

Some manufacturers use a solid first shot for their double-shot keycaps. This gives them a stacked appearance. It is easy to tell if a keycap is a double-shot by looking underneath the keycap. Double-shot keycaps are more expensive than their single-shot counterparts, so it’s worth investing in a quality keyboard set. Here’s how to tell if your keyboard’s double-shot keycaps are the real deal.

The Double Shot keycaps have two layers. The upper layer is one piece of plastic, while the lower layer is two separate pieces. Because of this, they have a shine-through effect, making them easier to identify than dye-subbed or laser-edged keycaps. Besides being easier to distinguish than single-shot, Double Shot keycaps are also more durable than standard PBT keycaps.

If you want a durable keycap, you might want to opt for one with a dye-sublimated legend. These feature a hard-plastic legend, while dye-sub versions may fade and turn yellow with time. PBT, on the other hand, will last longer and have a softer texture. If you want to purchase one, however, make sure you have the budget for it. Then you’ll be well on your way to finding your new favorite keyboard!

Double Shot keycaps are more attractive than traditional keycaps because they have legends on the keys that allow the LED backlight to pass through. These keycaps are made using two layers of plastic – one piece is used for the legend and the other for the rest of the keycap. Double shot keycaps come in a variety of shapes and colors. To make them durable, you can choose among POM, ABS, and Polybutylene Terephthalate.

PBT Double Shot Keycaps have a textured surface that improves your keyboard’s feedback and durability. They’re made from two different types of plastic and are molded at high temperatures. They’re also perfect for backlit keyboards. Double Shot keycaps are more expensive than their Single Shot printed counterparts, but they’re well worth the extra money for the extra durability and increased functionality. The best way to choose a good pair of keycaps for your keyboard is to try them out in a shop.

Double Shot PBT Keycaps offer the best protection for your keyboard. They’re made from two different kinds of plastic and mold two different layers together. This allows the letters to stay sharp and legible even with intense usage. They’re made to last and are easier to read than single shot ones. And they’re durable enough to keep your keyboard looking new for years to come. So, if you’re planning to buy a new keyboard, make sure you choose one that comes with double shot keycaps.