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What Are Double Shot Keycaps?

Double-shot PBT keycaps are designed by CORSAIR to improve the performance and durability of any keyboard. Developed with a unique two-shot moulding process, these durable, ultra-durable keycaps feature a doubling of the wall thickness to provide the most reliable keypresses possible. The full 104/105 set of double-shot PBT keycaps is a complete upgrade for your keyboard.

A typical double-shot process limits the colour of the legend to a single hue, but in some cases, further colours may be added. A triple-shotted keycap uses two different colours in the legend. The latter method is more costly and requires extra labor. In both cases, the double-shot method is the most durable. In addition, the process produces a superior product than the single-shot method, as the printing results are crisp and durable.

A double-shot keycap is an ideal replacement for your current keyboard. Its design is similar to a standard one, but with a larger first shot. In addition, they’re designed to fit onto the space bar with a firm grip. The first shot is the most noticeable part of the keycap, so you need to avoid it when using the keyboard. The second shot is a much smaller hole for your fingers.

A double-shot keycap is manufactured with a blank spot in the legend for the legend. Injection of the legend into the empty space inside the keycap is then used to produce the double-shot variant. These are the best option for gamers because they are durable and won’t fade as quickly as the original. However, it also limits the colour palette because only two colors can be printed on them. For three-color prints, triple-shotting is needed.

The manufacturing process of double shot keycaps is slightly different from standard keycaps. The double-shot type has a solid first shot, whereas the solid first shot has a hollow center. This makes the double-shot version easier to mold and is less expensive. Some brands use these keycaps for their keyboards. You can easily spot these keycaps by looking at the underside of the keyboard.

A double-shot keycap is produced with an empty legend spot. The legend is injected into a separate mold. Its size is also greater than the single-shot version. Both types of keycaps can be made with different color combinations. When comparing double-shot and triple-shot keycaps, it’s important to remember that the former has a lower melting point. If you want to make a triple-shot keycap, you should consider a manufacturer who makes it in a different way.

The double-shot type of keycaps uses a double-layered plastic construction. The outer layer has a spacebar of 6U, while the inner layer is thinner. The spacebar, or legend, is the sixth U. The inner layer will be completely hidden. The outer layer is the visible layer of the double-shot keycap. The double-shot type is more flexible and will fit most mechanical keyboards.