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GMK keycaps? What are they?

More and more people are interested in investing in mechanical keyboards. Some of them consider it as a hobby regardless how much money it costs. And, one of the most popular keycaps that everyone recommends to you is GMK keycaps. But, have you ever wondered why they are so high-recommended and expensive? Let’s reveal it today!

What are GMK keycaps?

First of all, for those who don’t know, GMK is a German company specializing in production of luxury keycaps for mechanical keyboards. That’s why all GMK keycaps all have high quality and provide us with satisfaction while using. 

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why GMK keycaps are so special? They are unique because of their limited design. Each design comes out with a limited number of products and you have to pre-purchase six months before through some specific groups. These factors might be the company marketing strategy “hard to get” to draw people attention. 

Moreover, getting back to the quality, GMK keycaps are using Cherry profile, which is the most favorite profile. The material used to create these keycaps is thick ABS plastic that creates great sound and feeling while typing.

Samurai keycaps set
Do you know what is GMK custom keycaps?

Where to buy GMK keycaps?

Buy GMK keycaps in store

Firstly, we will talk about the difficult part of having your own keycaps, because even though you have money, it’s not easy for you to buy a set. Normally, people have to buy one set in advance and wait for months to get it delivered. If you’ve ever pumped into a store saying that their GMK keycaps are sold out, it might not be true. If you see this status on the group buy, these keycaps must be in production.

Group buy

Therefore, the best way for you to get a set of GMK keycaps is joining a group buy. Here, you will be updated by a brand-new set. Even though, you have to wait for months to get one, you can buy with the cheapest price. This is because when they are shipped, the price will be higher. You can find an active group buy at Dixiemech, Drop, Novelkeys or Originative to place a preorder.

Buy GMK keycaps in aftermarket

There is another option for you. If you fall in love with a some keycaps that are no longer available, you can find them at aftermarket. You can find one on Reddit with r/aftermarket. However, they are definitely more expensive than pre order. These sellers on those groups might want to steal any penny from your pocket so be smart!

So, my advice is joining a group buy and wait for a brand-new keycaps set. You have to wait for months, but at least you have a new one with an affordable price. In case you see a color that you like enough to pay any price, just go for the aftermarket.

Buy GMK keycaps in is also a great place to find the keycaps which suit you the best. Here we offer unique high quality custom keycaps and, you can also find useful information about selling, buying and preserving keycaps here!

Black and yellow set
Buying GMK keycaps in group buys or aftermarket is a good idea

Some popular types of GMK keycaps 

We already talked about how expensive these keycaps can be and how beautiful they are. Now, let’s take a look at some popular GMK keycaps that everyone loves. There are hunting on aftermarket groups and people are willing to pay more than the original price to get one of them. 

GMK laser keycaps 

If you are into the magical light coming through the keyboard, you might want to find a GMK laser keycaps set. These keycaps are featured with bright lights, dark shadow and a vintage vibe. You have various options from a base kit with full keyboard to some other layouts with futuristic background colors. They are made from thick doubleshot ABS plastic with a custom Cherry profile. 

Additionally, you can find a base kit with full keyboard at around $110. If you want to add some modifications to your keyboard, you need to pay more.

Blue laser keycaps set
GMK laser keycaps

GMK nautilus 

First, these keycaps are inspired by the ocean with the main colors of blue and yellow. You can get a Core kit with basic layout or full layout, which is a great idea if you can afford it. Otherwise, you can consider the Explorer kit or Forties kit. This product from GMK also favors Danish, Finnish, German, Swedish and English with the International kit. Other kits such as Mac, Novelties and Space bars also belong to this collection.

Blue and yellow nautilus keycaps
GMK nautilus keycap set

GMK space cadet 

This keyboard was designed in 1978 by John L. Kulp for academic reasons. Therefore, it might bring a nostalgic feeling for everyone. Afterward, like other brothers in the family, these keycaps are equipped with Cherry profile, which is compatible with MX style switches. Furthermore, with thick doubleshot ABS plastic, you can feel the bounce and get sound satisfaction. This item required pre order with a limited set remaining.

Blue and grey GMK keycaps
GMK space cadet

GMK hyperfuse

One of the most popular GMK keycaps is the hyperfuse. These “guys” use medium gray color with off-white alphas, which brings a simple and easy look. They are manufactured in Germany with the original Cherry profile. The full size set contains 104 keycaps with classic patterns. Other options are Winkeyless, ISO and HHKB.

Grey and white keycaps
GMK hyperfuse

GMK deep space

With more than $200, you can get this set on any group buy. With Cherry profile, 180 keys in total, these GMK keycaps were designed by Omniclectic. The dark tone of this key set helps to create a friendly but high-end look. The main colors are dark purple and blue. In terms of the quality, with that amount of money and the name GMK, you don’t need to question. 

Purple and grey keycaps
GMK deep space

In conclusion, GMK keycaps are legendary. They offer not only quality but also an aesthetic look for boring keycaps.

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