HyperX Keycaps

HyperX Keycaps is an original artistic expression of the HyperX company and are designed to compliment any PC keyboard. HyperX Keycaps comes in an array of different colors to meet any color scheme, or personal preference. They are made with a double-layered design that not only adds to the aesthetic qualities. But also provides greater tactile feel than traditional key caps. This is achieved through a thicker, stronger, and durable silicone material than other key caps on the market today.

Color: Black HyperX Puddle Keycaps is perhaps the ultimate way to upgrade your standard keyboard. The keycaps come with a sleek translucent dual-layered design to let in more light than usual. Our signature HyperX textured black keycap set is larger, firmer. And even more responsive to your touch than our white tops. These double shot PBT (Pump Back) key caps are thicker and more resilient than normal key caps. Allowing for easier keystroke transition from desktop to laptop, and back again.

Extra-large HyperX textured key caps are an incredibly fast and convenient way to improve your keystroke transition for your desktop computer keyboard without making drastic changes to the way you use your regular keyboard. With these larger key caps in place, your hands can transfer more of your awareness to the actual key you are wishing to enter or hit, increasing your ability to instantly access files and text quickly. We recommend these particular HyperX keycaps for your 104-key keyboard. The larger cap sizes and bright, vivid colors will make entering and navigating your computer keyboard much easier and more efficient. With these extra large key caps in place, you can be sure that you get a more comfortable, fluid feel when typing on your new Mechanical keyboards.

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