Leopold Keycaps

Leopold Keycaps is a company from Germany who specialise in creating hardware accessories and Leopold key caps are one such accessory. They are the leading manufacturer of both standard and custom LED key caps. Their products are known for their quality, durability, high-quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed design. Leopold keycaps are able to provide their customers with an extensive range of custom printed LED key cap varieties, including; single color, double color, neon colors, black, red, silver, bronze, and clear.

Leopold have not forgotten the needs of their customers in terms of convenience and have designed their keycaps and associated products with their customer’s requirements in mind. For instance, one of the most popular products in this range is the Leopold FC750R Mechanical Pencil. Which is the Leopold keycaps you’ve been looking for. The FC 750R comes in either mechanical pencils or standard key caps and comes in two colours; a clear and black design.

The FC 750R comes with a plastic case that is fully lacquered and a chrome plate. Which allows it to be placed on any standard PC platform. It has an aluminium plate attached to the plate at its top which provides it with a firm and solid grip. This brand is able to produce some of the best designs available in keycap categories. And as they use Leopold plastics, people renown them for their solid, elegant designs. If you want a stylish and classy set of keycaps then you should definitely consider the Leopold FCirral Mechanical Pencil Keypad.

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