Metal keycaps

In the world of customized keycaps, we can classify them in many ways such as: by compatible profile, by material, etc. Therefore, we have metal keycaps. Unlike other materials, they will bring a very professional and luxurious look for your mechanical keyboard. Today, let’s take a look at some interesting metal keycap sets in case you want to upgrade your keyboard.

When it comes to metal keycaps, we refer to material classification. Instead of normal plastic, these keycaps are mostly made from zinc or sometimes other metals such as: silver, gold, aluminum, etc. The durability and price are various. Because of the material, these keycaps are definitely heavier than normal ones, which also affects the feeling while using. These keycaps offer a heavy and strong feeling; however, some people find them a bit smooth and slippery.

They also come in different profiles. You can easily find them with Cherry, OEM, SP, etc. Like the plastic ones, you also have the backlit option with these keycaps, although the price will be much higher than usual. Now, here are some common metal keycap sets you can take into account.

Here are some common mental keycap sets that you should take a look at, in case you want to make your keyboard look more interesting. My advice is checking the quality and considering the price carefully beforehand, you might find the favorite keycap set without spending too much time and money.

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