Custom keycaps material: Which custom keycaps material do you prefer? There are a lot of materials that can form your favorite keycaps, depending on your demand. PBT, ABS, resin, wood, silicone, rubber are the most used ones. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are choosing keycaps material, please base on your needs and the material of your current keyboard. In we provide keycaps from various material, so we are sure that you can find the one that suits you the most here.

With the first appearance in 2021, is a project founded by a group of young people who share their passion for keycaps. This website is dedicated to all the fans of custom keycaps, who’re dying to show their affection by custom keycaps. Here we provide all types of custom keycaps such as Anime keycaps, Japanese keycaps, artisan keycaps, novelty keycaps. And custom keycaps from various material like metal keycaps, PBT keycaps, ABS keycaps, resin keycaps, rubber keycaps. Although in many locations it’s tough to purchase custom keycaps and the equipment to go together with them, we provide all of them.

In addition to the website, you can also find us at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Leave your messages and we will respond in the blink of an eye.

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