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The Best Way To Lube Switches Without Desoldering

Keeping your keyboard clean and in good working order is a vital aspect of office upkeep. Whether you use your keyboard for business, gaming, or both, having a fully functional keyboard is critical.

The Best Way to Lube Switches Without Desoldering
The Best Way to Lube Switches Without Desoldering

The Best Way to Lube Switches Without Desoldering

Many individuals forget to properly care for their keyboards, which may be an expensive error as they deteriorate over time due to negligence. Why invest hundreds of dollars on a stunning bespoke mechanical keyboard if you’re not going to care for it properly?

Is it necessary to lubricate switches?

It is not strictly necessary to lubricate your keyboard switches. You are not required to do so; your keyboard will function normally without it. However, it will not function as well. Oiled switches that have been properly lubricated are considerably more reactive and easier to use than non-lubricated switches.

It is crucial to realize that a simple lubricant will not fix a faulty switch. If you have a high-quality keyboard with excellent switches, applying lubrication will improve their performance. If you have a little older but still functional keyboard, lubrication will help it function more as it did when it was new.

Using a lubricant on a poor keyboard, on the other hand, will not improve the switches. It is not a magical potion; if you want nice switches, you must purchase good switches.

What happens if you don’t lube your switches?

If you don’t lubricate the switches, they will still operate, but not as well. The most noticeable change is how much louder the unlubricated switches are.

You may hear the click-clack-clack-clack-clack- This sound can be muffled by lubricating the switches. However, you will not be able to completely remove it.

What tools are required to lubricate switches?

To lube your switches, you don’t need many tools or pieces of equipment. If you’ve ever disassembled a keyboard, you’ll have all of the essential parts. You will need the following items to complete the job correctly and without losing any pieces:

  • Screwdriver
  • Two trays for storing all the loose screws in
  • Switch opener
  • Lube – of course
  • Brush
  • J-cloth
  • A bowl of lukewarm water

Remember that all these products can easily be found on Internet.

What are the most effective lubricants to use?

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you need a high-priced lubricant. Neither do you require a lot of it. You’ll be OK using one of the common lubricants available on Amazon, such as this one. Lubricants should cost no more than $30 for a reasonable quantity.

Some individuals prefer to use a gelly as a lubricant, akin to KY Jelly, although the finest lubricants are frequently more like grease. The same as WD-40 or another well-known grease. However, do not use WD-40.

What exactly is desoldering?

Desoldering is the process of removing solder from electrical components. The metal-like material used to keep components in place on circuit boards.

In the case of keyboards, the switches are frequently soldered on. This implies that if you wish to remove the switches, you must first remove the solder. Or, to be more specific, loosen it.

This can be accomplished with a desoldering solvent that eats away at the solder or with a soldering iron. The soldering iron may be used to reheat the solder, and then the switches will fall out with some cautious pressure on the bottom of the switches and a little, for want of a better phrase, jiggling.

Is it necessary for me to desolder?

No, desoldering is not required. You may do the process without the dirty and time-consuming labor of desoldering and resoldering by using a switch opener and some careful fingertips.

Many individuals desolder because they wish to thoroughly clean their switches or perhaps replace them completely. Fortunately, anybody can lubricate their switches using only the things listed above.

There will be no need for a soldering iron or powerful chemicals. As a result, lubricating the switches without desoldering is both the simplest and cheapest technique. Perfect for both professionals and novices.

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