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Types of Keycaps

The different types of keycaps can greatly affect the feel of a keyboard. While thin keycaps are commonly used on gaming keyboards, some enthusiasts prefer thicker keycaps because they are more comfortable to type on. There are two common types of keycaps: standard PBT and doubleshot ABS. Standard PBT keycaps are thicker than ABS keycaps. Doubleshot ABS keycaps are about the same thickness as standard PBT keycaps. The thinner walls of an XDA keycap are beneficial for RGB backlighting.

The most common plastic used for keyboard keycaps is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). ABS keycaps are very durable and can withstand millions of clicks before showing signs of cracking. However, these keycaps can still be worn down and the characters may become less visible over time.

types of keycaps
Types of keycaps

There are many different types of keycaps available in the market. These keyboard keycaps come in various shapes, colors, and profiles. Some of them are unique, attractive, and affordable. Some of them are also compatible with all major brands. To find the right keycap for your keyboard, it is important to determine its type and size.

ABS keycaps are more affordable and have a variety of colour options. They are also more reliable and last longer than PBT keycaps. Both types have their pros and cons. While ABS keycaps look more attractive, they are not as durable as PBT ones and are susceptible to warping.

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PBT and ABS are both plastics. The main types of keycaps are made from these materials. The plastic used to manufacture PBT keycaps is environmentally unfriendly, but it is still one of the most common types of keycaps. The PBT type of keycaps are typically smoother, and they are more resistant to shock than ABS.

Mechanical switches are more beginner-friendly, but they also tend to make loud clicking noises. They are also more durable and oil-resistant. Both types can be used in different environments. Mechanical switches are usually distinguished by a blue or green colour code. Some mechanical switches are made of PBT. The keycaps used on the Epomaker Theory keyboard are PBT keycaps, which are considered to be the better materials for keyboard keycaps.

PBT and ABS keycaps are generally tougher than rubber. However, they may feel greasy or sticky after prolonged use. ABS keycaps also feature the best font and RGB capability. PBT keycaps may have less vibrant colors and tend to leak light, but they are more durable. The price difference between ABS and PBT keycaps depends on your personal preference.

Cherry keycaps are another popular choice. Their angled shape makes them easier to press. Cherry keycaps are also great for typing. But it is important to find the right profile for your keyboard. You can find out what type of keycaps works best for you by trying out different keycap profiles.

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