Artisan Keycaps

Artisan keycaps, often referred to as artisan keycap sets, are nothing like your standard cheap plastic type. They are not meant to be just a replacement for an everyday set (though some folks will do this at great expense), nor are they simply a linchpin to a computer build environment (though some of them might do that too at great loss). Instead, they are an expression of a personality, a linchpin of a computer build, an abode of your favorite art or game, or even a reflection of a cultural or geographic taste. The list of possible characteristics goes on as one might imagine, but the most important thing to remember is that they are all built around one central idea: Each keypad is designed as a piece that goes with one hand, or in close proximity to the user if using a laptop.

These keypads have their roots in artisan keycap groups, which are online communities dedicated to supporting the crafting community. Here, groups with similar interests to meet up, discuss their projects, swap information, and generally support each other as they work on projects. They are a central point for many of today’s leading technologies – including mechanical keyboards – and have been for quite some time, now coming together in larger groups that have collectively embraced a much broader vision for their craft.

Through the collective efforts of these groups, artisan keycaps have reached their current state. These keycaps generally are made through the pressing of special resin, which is then painted using a UV curing ink. After which, they are mounted onto acrylic keyrings and sold. In many cases, the color is sprayed on, but in other cases, the resin is pressed in place by a laser, allowing a variety of different effects. It is important to note that this type of mounting process does not use a “hot glue” application method. Instead, it uses a precise compression method, making it far more durable than hot glue.

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