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What Is The Height Of Keycap? Here We Will Tell You All About It

You might be asking what a keycap on a keyboard’s height, width, and overall proportions are. That is exactly what I am here to tell you.

In this essay, I’ll discuss how tall a keycap is, how different keycap sizes differ, keycap profiles, and why keycap height is important. So, before you go out and buy new keycaps for your mechanical keyboards, make sure you read this post all the way through.

OEM is the most prevalent and widely utilized keycap profile in keyboards around the world. It has an angled keycap design that is very ergonomic and comfortable to press. Other keycap profiles exist, however they aren’t as widely used as OEM keycaps. So let’s have a look at the OEM keycaps and see how tall they are.

What Is the Importance of Keycap Height?

Why does the keycap height matter in a keyboard? That is the million-dollar question that some of you may be asking. Actually, there are a few reasons behind this.

Ergonomics is the most important factor. The easier it is to reach and push a keycap the taller and more angled it is; nevertheless, this does not indicate that keycaps should be excessively tall; rather, they should be just tall enough.

The click’s efficiency is the second factor to consider. When you compare OEM keycaps to others like Cherry or XDA, you’ll notice that OEM keycaps have faster typing and pushing speeds simply because the fingers can reach them faster.

Height of keycap
What do you know about keycaps height?

How tall are each of the keycaps?

So, how tall are each of the keycaps? The height of the keycaps in a keyboard is divided into four sections depending on the row in which they are located. I’ll give you the exact height of each row of keycaps on a keyboard with OEM profile keycaps, which is fortunate for you. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

RowTop HeightBottom HeightDescription
Row one10.1mm7.9mmBottom 2 rows
Row two9.3mm8mmRow with ASD
Row three9.3mm9mmRow with QWERTY
Row Four11.4mm10.8mmNumbers and Functions

The R1 Keycap Row’s Height

Because R1 is two rows on the keyboard, it’s actually quite fascinating. One of the rows contains the Windows Key and the Spacebar key, while the other R1 row is directly above it and contains the “Z, X, C, etc.” alphanumeric keys as well as the Shift keys.

When it comes to height, this row is 10.10mm tall at the top and 7.90mm at the bottom. The spacebar key has a smoother curve than the other R1 keys, which slant downward from lower to upper, making them more ergonomic and accessible.

The R2 Keycap Row’s Height

The R2 row keycaps have a straight curve with a reduced angle to make pushing easier and more accessible. This row includes the “A, S, D, etc.” keys, as well as the Caps Lock key and the “4, 5, 6” Numpad keycaps if you have a full-sized keyboard.

When it comes to the height of the R2 keycaps, the higher side measures 9.30mm, while the shorter angled side measures 8.00mm, with the angle of the curve remaining high to low from the lower to upper end of the keycaps.

The R3 Keycap Row’s Height

In terms of height, the taller side measures 9.30mm, while the shorter side measures just under 9.00mm. Still, the angling is the same, and you’ll notice that the lower side is somewhat taller than the upper side for ergonomic reasons.

The R3 keycap row is where things start to go a little straighter, although there’s still a tiny slant in this row, just like the R1, R2 keycaps. It is one of the most significant rows because it contains the “QWERTY” as well as a few special letters and numbers.

The R4 Keycap Row’s Height

The R4 keycap row now covers two rows on the keyboard, the top two rows, just as the R1 keycap row. The numeric row, as well as the crucial Function Key row, are located at the top of the keyboard in this section of the keycaps.

The keycap’s taller side measures 11.40mm in height, while the shorter side measures 10.80mm. With the keycap angling, the angle eventually changes and the upper side is now taller than the lower side, forming a V ergonomic shape on the keyboard. The OEM keycaps design is pretty sleek and elegant, and it is undoubtedly one of the best.

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