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What makes GMK keycaps so pricy?

You might wonder at least once what is GMK keycaps. One of the most famous manufacturer of keycaps in the world is GMK. This brand is so popular among gamers thanks for their high-quality and thick double-shot keycaps. They focus on improving the customers’ experience with special keycaps which brings lots of “real” feelings.

What create the reputation for GMK keycaps?

As you might know, GMK is famous for their double-shot keycaps. Although GMK hasn’t been in this field for long – they only started in 2011, they quality of their keycaps is undeniable. 

Double-shot keycaps are made with two shots of plastic. The first payer including a lattice helps to raise the legend on the cap. The other one covers the lattice and the surface of the cap. When you touch any cap, the system will record the signal, then with the special elastic mechanism, the cap will be back to the original position waiting for the second shot. Most of GMK keycaps is done with ABS, which helps to create sharper legends.

GMK keycaps blue and black
Do you know what is GMK keycaps?

Why are GMK keycaps so expensive?

Of course if you have wide budget for your gaming set or you understand the value of the keyboard itself, you might be willing to spend more than $100 for a keyboard. But, if you don’t know what is GMK keycaps, you might think the price of one set is ridiculous. So, what makes GMK keycaps so expensive?

Inherit successful former keycap profile 

The Cherry profile is shorter and thicker than others, which is comfortable for gaming and typing. Moreover, due to the thick plastic, we also can listen to a really nice acoustic sound from the caps. This uniqueness from Cherry was purchased by GMK so that they can produce amazing keycaps with the secret from Cherry. 

Quality is the key

Most of keycaps poorly made of ABS plastic will be wear out or be stuck after use for a while. And, to avoid this discomfort, lots of people are recommended to use PBT plastic instead. However, GMK doesn’t follow the trend. They produce high-quality keycaps with thick ABS plastic instead of PBT. They make it for reasons. Thick ABS plastic helps to avoid warping and the keycaps can keep their precision. Moreover, the acoustic sound is also much better.

GMK keycaps blue and yellow
GMK keycaps are found in high quality

Limited editions 

Quality is not an only reasons driving gamers crazy about GMK keycaps. GMK always try to attract gamers with their unique collection of keycaps such as GMK laser keycaps. Also, these special keycaps are limited. It means if you miss the sale, you only can find one on the second-hand market with an inflated price. The limited in the number as well as the special designs make GMK keycaps expensive and wanted even for those who don’t know what is GMK keycaps. 

Not easy to buy one

Waiting makes things more desirable. If you want to buy a set of GMK keycaps, you might need to wait for at least size months to receive, which is quite annoying and inconvenient. Moreover, if you want to keep updated with the latest design for keycaps from GKM, you need to be active in social media or GMK keycaps lovers community. With all of these factors, you might see that GMK plays hard to get with their customers. And, of course, they are successful because despite those difficulties, people still want to get GMK keycaps.

GMK keycaps samurai
It’s not easy to buy a GMK keycap set

The aftermarket 

One of the reasons making GMK keycaps super expensive is the aftermarket. Taking advantage of the desire for GMK keycaps, lots of sellers from the aftermarket forums offer limited-edition for a higher price. However, if you love GMK keycaps and you don’t want to wait for months to get one, you also can find one in aftermarket forum and get it in a few days. 

So where you can get GMK keycaps?

Group buys 

You can easily order one set of GMK keycaps on the group buys of some forums such as Geekhack. You can find not only the lasts one but also the limited-edition that you missed. This place will offer you different prices from various vendors. 


As being said above, the aftermarket offers you with GMK keycap sets that are no longer available for sale. Here, you can find all sorts of versions with prices. And, be aware of scammers, especially for those who don’t know what is GMK keycaps.

If you are not looking for a special version like GMK laser keycaps or a unique set of GMK keycaps, you can check out Amazon. There are a few GMK keycaps available on Amazon. Once again, you should read the reviews carefully before purchasing. 

In general, we can’t deny the popularity of GMK keycaps. And, of course, it’s worth the price. With a unique manufacturing technique that no manufacturer can imitate, GMK offers customers with special and high-end keycaps that no one wants to argue about their price.

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