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Why do we all want an SA profile regardless of its price?

For those who love collecting keycaps, a SA profile keycap is always their favorite. Even though this profile is very expensive, the amount of people looking for this profile doesn’t decrease. So, in this article, I will show you guys some reasons why it’s such a desirable profile regardless of its price. 

The number of SA profile is limited 

This profile is not a massive product. SA keycap profile is produced in accordance with the quantity of orders from a group buy. Therefore, the available profile on the market is very limited. Even when you have lots of money, you can’t buy one if you don’t order in advance. So, money doesn’t help you solve this issue. Only people who follow all the notification from the manufacturer can get a chance to buy this profile. 

In my opinion, this is a sensible marketing campaign because we have to admit that we want to chase after the hard-to-get things. This plan not only make SA profile become famous but also maintain their value. And, this strategy is quite familiar to the one that lots of high-end fashion brands are using now.

White and grey keycaps
It’s not easy to find a SA keycaps

SA profile satisfy users’ aesthetic

There are two factors that make SA profile look nice: the shape of this profile and the design. To be honest, the feeling when typing with a SA profile is not fantastic. However, the appearance of this profile is excellent. The keycaps have lovely curves, perfect height and smooth concave surface, which creates a nice look and high-end feeling. The arrangement of the rows also gives the whole set a unique look from the side. The main characteristics of this profile also offer users with comfort when using even for gaming or typing.

The investment in the look of this profile is understandable. We all know that the SA profile is very expensive. Therefore, besides the quality, the design needs to be excellent enough to attract new customers and maintain their interest. We can say that the best designs for mechanical keyboards all belong to the SA profile.

White and pink keycaps
SA keycaps satisfy users’ aesthetic

It’s difficult to buy SA profile keycaps

Before the Chinese manufacturers mass produce SA profile, all SA profile keycap sets must be purchased under Groupbuy. It means we used to have to wait for months even a year to get one set. Therefore, the value of this set includes the buyers’ patience. Also, even when you only want to buy a secondhand set, you need to look for it for months because not many people want to sell the set that they had to wait for a long time to get. 

In addition, another factor which inflates the SA profile’s price is the aftermarket. As I said above, you can buy a secondhand set. However, with the limited amount of available sets in the market as well as the current value of one set, it’s rare to find a cheap or reasonable secondhand SA profile set. Moreover, with a secondhand set, I recommend you to find one from SP manufacturer because it can guarantee the quality. You might have to pay as much as for a brand new keyboard of other keycap profiles. Of course, you still can find one with a friendly price; however, it might come from a Chinese manufacturer and you won’t know the quality of the keycaps.

Black and blue keycaps
It’s not easy to buy a SA keycaps

SA profile always have high quality 

Last but not least, the quality tells all. SA keycaps are manufactured by Signature Plastic. And, this company gains customers’ trust by their quality. SP produces this profile with double-shot technology with the top quality. And, although the SA profile is made out of the ABS plastic, you don’t need to worry that the keycaps will wear out soon. 

Plus, their quality control process works so well that there are only a few complaints about the product. However, the only thing makes me a bit disappointed is the packaging. When you spend hundreds of dollars on some keycaps, you will expect they will be shipped in a box instead of a Ziploc bag.

White and blue keycaps
SA profile keycaps are found in high quality

Overall, with a good marketing campaign, nice design and almost perfect quality, SA profile is always one of the most popular profiles among keycap collectors. Of course, this profile is not perfect, but with all of these stand-out points, people are still willing to pay a lot of money for a keycaps set and wait a considerable amount of time to get. In my opinion, if you love this profile and want to get one, keep yourself updated with the latest news in so that you can order a set. And, if you want to buy a secondhand one, try to find a legit seller.

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