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Why Do YourKeyboards Get Oily? And How to Clean and Prevent It

Whether you’re a frequent computer user, a gamer, or an office worker, keyboards are an important component of any computer-related activity. Well, the more you use a keyboard, the more likely it is to become greasy.

You may be asking why this occurs and what I can do to keep my keyboard from becoming oily. That is exactly what we are here to tell you.

Keyboards become greasy as a result of eating at your desk, sweaty fingertips, a lack of upkeep, and general wear and tear. Clean your keyboard on a regular basis to avoid an oily keyboard, and consider using a keyboard cover to preserve the keycaps. Before using your computer, always wash your hands.

This post is for all keyboard users who want to figure out why their keyboards are greasy. Not only will I explain the reason, but I’ll also show you how to remove the grease and prevent it from reappearing on your keyboard.

3 Reasons That Cause Your Keyboards Oily

Due to oil and grease, are your keyboard keys gleaming and sticky? How did it get there in the first place? The quick explanation is that it got there as a result of heavy use. After a certain amount of usage, everything becomes worn out. It’s perfectly natural. But that’s not all; the lengthy answer is that a keyboard might be greasy for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

how to keep your keyboard clean
Why Do YourKeyboards Get Oily? And How to Clean and Prevent It

For a long time, you haven’t cleaned your keyboard

If you work most of the time and don’t have time to clean your keyboards on a regular basis, your keyboards will suffer greatly. The problem is, keyboards, like any other piece of equipment we own, require regular upkeep.

If you don’t clean your keyboard on a regular basis, the natural dust and debris in the air will coat it in an oily, filthy coating, making the pressing sensation strange and unsettling. This might possibly be the cause of your greasy keyboard.

Using the keyboard while eating fatty meals

We all know that eating while gaming, working, or doing anything else with a keyboard is against the keyboard user code of conduct. Unfortunately, the majority of us break this guideline.

It might be fried chicken, French fries, or a variety of other fatty meals that we consume on a regular basis while working on the computer. It’s possible that the wipe wasn’t thorough enough, and the fingers still had oil on them while pushing the key. This may leave an oil stain on the ticket, which can become rather deep-rooted over time and cause issues.

No concerns if you do it on and off as well!

When using the keyboard, your fingertips become sweaty

Oily meals aren’t the only thing that may make your keyboard greasy and oily. We sweat a lot on hot summer days in a heated environment. Sweat is most noticeable on the fingers and palms. It’s also possible that you’re using your keyboard with damp fingertips.

Perspiration from your fingertips may get on your keyboard, and this sweat can develop an oily feel over time. Because removing it is difficult, it’s better to avoid typing with damp fingertips.

Top 4 Methods for Cleaning Keyboards of Oil and Grease

Many strange techniques to remove oil and grease from your keyboard may be found on the internet, but the majority of them don’t work. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of genuine cleaning procedures that I’ve tried to remove grease from my keyboard.

How to Clean your oily keyboards
Why Do YourKeyboards Get Oily? And How to Clean and Prevent It

With a Warm Towel, Wipe

If you don’t want to mess around with detergent or alcohol, there’s always the less efficient but widely utilized method. I’m doing the work with just warm water and a towel.

To begin, fill a basin halfway with warm water and dip a cloth into it. Keep the towel warm by keeping it inside. Turn off the keyboard. Then take the cloth and massage it across the keyboard.

You’ll allow the keyboard to dry for a bit once you’re confident you’ve wiped the cloth all over the greasy keyboard. You may plug it in and use it once it has been burned and there is little to no oil sheen on the keys.

Cleaning Gel is a good option.

Cleaning gel is not my preferred method of removing oil and grease from keyboards, but it is still an alternative. This is a gooey, sticky gel that may be used to clean your keyboard. It’s available on Amazon here.

It reminds me of slime and play-dough. You’ll apply it to the keyboard in areas where you believe the grease is. The gel will take up all the dirt, oil, and grease from the keys and sides once squeezed down.

The disadvantage of this approach is that, instead of cleaning up dirt, the gel sometimes becomes trapped on the keys, resulting in a larger mess than before. So, if you don’t have any other options, this is the one to choose.

Why Do YourKeyboards Get Oily?
Why Do YourKeyboards Get Oily? And How to Clean and Prevent It

Clean with Detergent and Water

This one is actually rather enjoyable to do. You must have had prior dishwashing experience. Do you notice how the dishwashing soap cuts through the grease? That’s exactly what we’re going to do.

You’re going to fill a dish halfway with water. Then you’ll pour a fair amount of detergent into the same dish and stir it around for a bit.

After that, all you have to do is take a piece of fabric, dip it in the mixture, and squeeze off the extra liquid. You’ll smear the cloth over the greasy keyboard, getting into all the nooks and crannies.

Once you’ve done so, the detergent combination will swiftly cut through the grease and oil, leaving you with a clean surface.

Isopropyl Alcohol should be used

Because isopropyl alcohol is colorless and very flammable, it should only be used in a controlled setting. You can simply remove grease from a keyboard with the aid of alcohol. Let’s have a look at how it works.

  • Turn off your computer keyboard.
  • Take a cotton swab and a cotton swab.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol should be dipped in the swab.
  • Run it over all of the keyboard keys, then switch to a new one and repeat.
  • Finally, wipe the keyboard with a towel because the most of the alcohol will have evaporated.

Your keyboard will be oil-free and clean at this point.

How can you keep your keyboards from becoming oily?

We now know how to quickly remove grease from our keyboards in order to keep them in good working order and extend their lifespan. But, after all, why take a chance? Rather than wasting time wiping it off, we should attempt to keep oil from getting on the keyboard in the first place. But how are we going to accomplish it?

Invest in a keyboard cover

To preserve the keycaps, you should consider utilizing a keyboard cover. Silicone keyboard covers have been popular for a long time. These covers range from clear to custom-designed and printed, and may be placed over your keyboard or laptop keys to keep them from becoming greasy.

Keep your hands clean at all times

We all make an effort to keep our hands clean at all times. However, we may forget to wash our hands after eating or disregard the sweatiness of our hands in hot weather.

Clean your keyboard on a regular basis.

If you don’t want to fully clean your keyboard or laptop keys and be unable to use them until they have dried, the only method to avoid greasy keyboards is to clean your keyboard on a regular basis.

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