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5 Methods for Replacing Faded Keyboard Keys

Almost every laptop and computer user has an issue with faded keyboard keys. The visibility of alphabets, numbers, and other characters fades with time when typing on a keyboard.

The health adage “prevention is better than cure” applies to non-living items as well. As a result, preventing the key bars from fading is preferable to trying to fix them. As a result, the focus of this section of the article is on various methods for preventing keyboard key erosion and fading.

Covers for Keyboards

Firstly, custom keyboard covers are widely available on the market and in internet stores. These covers come in a variety of styles. Some covers are constructed of translucent plastic, allowing letters to be seen. Colored plastic with a bottom sticky end and letters on the upper end is a different pattern.

The keyboard is well protected from dust and spills with these coverings. It also keeps letters from fading. They protect the keyboard by acting as a sheath.


To prevent fading from repeated use, the previously visible letters might be painted over. This can be done with any coloring material. Krylon fusion paint, nail polish, inks, whiteners, and other coloring paints are some of the most often utilized products. Although the painted colors do not stay for long periods of time, they can be easily repainted.

Tape for packing

This is the most straightforward and straightforward method of saving keyboard letter prints. A packaging tape and a blade are the only things you’ll need. Apply the clear tape gently to the upper half of the keys and use a blade to cut away any excess tape. Make sure there isn’t any leftover tape. This transparent tape will prevent fading by preventing fingers from touching the bars directly. It also protects the keyboard from the affects of spills.


Stickers can also be used to keep things from fading. There are several keyboard stickers available online in tiny, medium, and large text sizes. They come in a variety of styles and hues. These stickers readily adhere to the keyboard caps and conceal the original markings.

A gentle touch

Avoiding rough use is the final step for keeping keyboard keys from fading. Except when used violently, keyboard keys are generally long-lasting. Striking keypads with objects, excessive dust, cleaning with deterging chemicals, and frequent spillage of contents all contribute to rapid fading. As a result, these things should be avoided.

You should clean the keyboard using a dry cloth. When not in use, cover the keypad with a towel or a plastic sheet. Water and other materials should not be spilled on the keycaps.


That was a lot to take in! If you’ve reached the bottom of the page, I already know what you’re looking for. The following is a summary of what I said in this essay.

How to Restore Keyboard Keys that Have Faded

  • New keys should be printed and pasted on the board
  • Invest on a set of keyboard letter stickers
  • The keycaps should be engraved
  • Replace the keycaps as needed
  • Cover the key with paint
  • The touchable method

How to Prevent Keyboard Keys from Fading

  • Covers for keyboards
  • Paint
  • Tape for packing
  • Stickers
  • Don’t be too harsh.

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