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How do you take the keycaps off a mechanical keyboard?

You can use a keycap puller if you need to remove the keycaps on your mechanical keyboard to clean it or to change them out for a more personal touch. These little accessories wrap around a keycap and let you to remove it without hurting it or the switches it’s connected to. Gone are the days when you could waste ten minutes trying to launch keycaps into space with a pocket knife.

Normally you can find a keycap puller in the keyboard you purchase, depending on the manufacturer. If not, you can get one for $6 on Internet sites. You can use either a wire or a plastic remover, but they both function in the same way and should be fine for the job.

1. Place the puller over the keycap you want to take off.

2. To remove the keycap from the switch, pull it up.

3. Disassemble the puller tool and remove the keycap.

When replacing keycaps, take care, especially if your keyboard has an LED backlight. When removing keycaps with the input device plugged in and powered on, you’ll be welcomed with some bright lights. As a result, before attempting to remove them, make sure everything is switched off and unplugged. Also, it’s always a good idea to turn off gadgets before working on them.

Custom keycaps
Tips and tricks to remove the keycaps off a mechanical keyboard?

Custom keycaps can be purchased to add a tactile feel to select keys (such as WASD for gamers) or new colors to distinguish them from the rest. Some keyboard manufacturers, like keycap removers, will provide these optional additions with their units, but if they don’t, you can try online businesses that specialize in custom keycaps:

  • TechKeys
  • WASD Keyboards
  • KeyCapsDirect

If everything else fails, you can make your own DIY keycap removal tool by bending a paperclip flat, creating a “U” form, and bending both ends inwards.

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