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Can I Use Drop Keyboards With A Mac?

Two PREMIUM mechanical keyboards that are incredibly well-liked in the community are the Drop ALT and the Drop CTRL. But do Mac computers support Drop keyboards?

The mechanical keyboards from Drop work well with Mac. But you’ll probably need to go System Preferences and modify one or two keyboard modifier settings. Additionally, the Drop CTRL and ALT function well on Macs using the keyboard customization program Via (customizing your keyboard with QMK)!

drop keyboards for mac
Can I Use Drop Keyboards With A Mac?

Is a Drop Keyboard compatible with Macs?

You can, indeed!

  1. Drop ALT (compressed size of 60%)
  2. CTRL is dropped (80% TKL size).
  3. Drop SHIFT (full size at 100%)

With a few minor adjustments, each of these functions on Macs.

It’s important to note, though, because Drop keyboards are technically Windows keyboards by default, as are the majority of mechanical keyboards.

The primary distinction between Mac and Windows PCs is as follows:

  • Your Control, Option, Windows, and Command keys are the modifier keys. The modifier keys are arranged differently on a Windows keyboard than they are on a Mac.
  • The Keycaps: Although it won’t impact functioning, Drop keyboards come with keycaps that have the Windows logo rather than the “Command” logo, which is more common.
  • Various functionalities: You might be able to use the Launchpad, Mission Control, or Siri functionalities on select Apple keyboards. They are not included with Drop keyboards.

Having said that, there are a few easy adjustments you can make to any MacOS device to make your Drop keyboard 90% usable.

Let’s get started.

Instructions for Attaching Drop Keyboards to a Mac

Follow the steps:

  1. Connect a keyboard to your Mac.
  2. Launch Keyboard in System Preferences.
  3. The Option and Command keys should be switched under the “Modifier Keys…” menu. This will arrange your modifier keys on a Mac in the proper sequence.

That should bring your Drop’s functionality up to approximately 90%; if you’d like to customize it even further, check our suggestions below.

Tips for troubleshooting if you have any issues connecting to or utilizing Drop

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions in case your Drop won’t connect to a Mac or if some keys aren’t functioning properly:

Reset your Mac’s external keyboard.
A popup assistance should appear when you first connect your Drop to your computer, prompting you to touch a few buttons to learn the layout, etc.

To start over, you may also remove the file containing your keyboard choices.

What you should do is:

  1. Unplug the keyboard
  2. Go to Finder and choose the hard disk icon from the Devices section
  3. Go to the Preferences folder after visiting the Library folder
  4. Drag the file to the trash by clicking on it!
  5. Take out the garbage
  6. Re-connect the USB keyboard

The setup assistance should appear once again! You should be all set to go if you follow the instructions.

Drop Keyboards: Customization (for Mac Users)

Other pointers and techniques for getting the most from your mechanical Mac keyboard include:

  1. Via (only for keyboards that support Via)
  2. Keyboard Maestro is a versatile and affordable hotkey and macro tool.
  3. Mac Karabiner

Fortunately, QMK firmware modification is supported by Drop keyboards (through the through app OR the Drop keyboard configurator).

To begin, you can…

  1. Download and set up the free Via program.
  2. Set up your Drop keyboard.
  3. Your keyboard SHOULD be automatically detected by the program, allowing you to begin making modifications right away.

If for some reason that doesn’t work, you may visit the product website for your keyboard and download the relevant JSON file (and then install it in Via).

You may make function layers, adjust key assignments, build macros, and much more!

Note: I advise downloading and utilizing Via instead of Drop software if you must download it. It’s simpler, and in the future you might be able to use it with different mechanical keyboards.

Keyboard Maestro Use

For every Mac user, Keyboard Maestro is a GAME-CHANGER, but especially if you often swap between mechanical keyboards, etc.

It is compatible with all keyboards, bar none.

Although it does have a one-time, non-subscription fee of $30 to $40, it is well worth it.

Using Keyboard Maestro, you may:

  1. Any key on your keyboard may have a customized keybind set up.
  2. Make your own macros
  3. Modifier key changes
  4. A LOT more

It is an incredibly potent instrument. We wholeheartedly endorse it (followed by several YouTube training videos).

Karabiner for Mac

Karabiner is a straightforward utility for configuring MANY features in MacOS, including…

  1. Making a key to key map
  2. Adjusting the modifier keys
  3. Enabling more keys on PC keyboards that MacOS doesn’t automatically recognize

Additionally, it is free and simple to install and configure.

You can find their setup instructions and other information in the following documents.

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