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How to beautify your keyboard with custom keycaps

There are so many unique keycaps to pick from, ranging from bespoke colors to full-on resin art.

You’ve created the ideal gaming PC. Excellent specifications, enough LED lights to illuminate the entire area, and it always runs at a cool temperature. But, with your top-tier construction set to go for the next five years, what will you change in the meantime?

Why not spice up your gaming keyboard? Customizing a few keycaps or your whole keyboard may give your battlestation a one-of-a-kind and personalized feel. However, deciding where to begin may be difficult. We’ll get you started on the path to beautifying your keyboard.

What are custom keycaps, exactly?

The custom keycaps are the parts of the keyboard that we utilize to type on. They cover the key switches, which send the signals required by the computer to type what is displayed on the screen. Keycaps are removable from the keyboard, allowing you to clean and, of course, personalize them.

custom keycaps
Do you know what are custom keycaps?

Types of keycaps

Mechanical keyboards are typically the only ones that allow for keycap customization. Due to the superior feel of mechanical switches, gamers favor mechanical keyboards. They are more costly than membrane keyboards, but they endure longer and are easier to repair. When repairs are required, keycaps are frequently the part that has to be changed since they wear out over time—hence the existence of a market for replacement and bespoke keycaps.

Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are not all the same. Different manufacturers utilize various mechanical switches to construct their keyboards, and not every switch is compatible with every type of keycap. Keycaps for Cherry MX switches are the most popular, however other firms, like as Razer, have their own colors and names for their switches. The functioning of these switches varies depending on how the keycap is connected. While Cherry MX switches have a + form that keycaps must fit onto in order to be properly replaced, other firms may utilize a different shape.

Even yet, the majority of them have some type of MX Cherry keycap adapter. It doesn’t matter what color the switch is: red, blue, or brown, as long as they all have the same + form, they may all use the same cap set. Because MX Cherry switches are the most prevalent, almost all custom keycaps are for them.

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Where can I find new keycaps?

You can check for more beautiful and reasonable custom keycaps:

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