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POM keycaps: We will tell you everything about them

One of the hottest items in keycap collectibles circles is POM keycaps. They’re a unique, plastic product that’s made in the shape of an “M”. The key feature of POMs, or “Plastic On-Off Modifiers” is that they are translucent. This allows light to shine through them, but not allowing the same light to shine through the adjacent layer of plastic. The result is a very bright keystroke that has a lot of “bounce back.” This bounce back, however, is what gives these keycaps an edge over traditional plastic keyboards and trackballs.

POM keycaps
Beautiful POM keycaps to buy

Because of their translucent qualities, POM keycaps can be used with both mechanical keyboards and trackballs. That means you don’t have to buy two different products just to have your hands able to work together. With a standard mechanical keyboard, you have to buy a separate keyboard and a separate housing to house the mechanical keypad itself. With a POM, you can simply buy the keycaps and the housing as a whole, saving you the hassle of needing to mix and match parts. In many ways, this is a more affordable option than an entire mechanical keyboard set!

The translucent quality of POM keycaps also allows them to be printed with any type of colored ink. This makes POM keycaps very flexible when it comes to creating custom art. You can easily create art and place it on your POMs using high-quality paints and graphic software. Some people like to use special printed ribbons to embellish their POM, but there’s no limit to what you can do. Whatever design or image you want to print on your POM keycaps, you can do it!

As mentioned earlier, those keycaps are compatible with a wide variety of devices. Today, most modern laptops and notebooks use USB or parallel port connections. This means that if you want to replace your existing keypad, you won’t have to pay for a new device. You can simply get a POM keycap for your laptop and use the same design on your laptop.

One thing that you might notice right away about those is that they have very nice backlighting. Unlike other keycaps out there, POM keycaps automatically light up when you press the Caps lock button. This gives POM keycaps an extra layer of backlighting that makes POM keycaps very efficient and ergonomic even at night.

So if you’re looking for a very affordable and stylish way to make your typing sessions much more enjoyable, you should definitely consider purchasing a POM plastic mechanical keyboard. But don’t forget to look out for quality and durability issues. Make sure that the keypad will be able to provide you with great keypress and touch response. And of course, make sure that you’re getting a POM keycap that will fit perfectly into your laptop’s layout.

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