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How to use keycap puller? Let’s check this article out!

What is keycap puller?

When removw keycpad from a USB device, a hole on the device is left which requires a push-back mechanism in order to remove the keycap. This is the pull-back. A USB keycap puller is a device that holds one or more removable keycaps. These devices are designed to be used with a standard USB connection or with a PDA line or parallel port. They come in different sizes depending on the type of keys that you want to remove. Most of these devices are very small and very cheap.

How to use keycap puller?

When looking at how to use a keycap puller, there are a few steps that you must follow in order to successfully use this device. The first step is to insert the key that you wish to remove into the hole on the device. Next, using the pull-back mechanism, pull the USB keypad away from the hole in the device. It should slide out easily.

Once the key has been removed, it is wise to unplug the device from the USB before removing the keypad in any way. The puller mechanism needs to be free of any stuck or trapped wires in order for it to work properly. Then, if you have a multiboard, plug in all the parts and their respective cables to the puller. The multiboard will recognize the key that has been pulled as part of the system and will remove it.

Some manufacturers of the keycap puller actually provide a kit to help users install it. This is a useful option, since it eliminates a step that many people find difficult when it comes to learning how to use the tool. Some key cap pullers come with a set of keycap extractors in order for users to conveniently remove the key without losing them.

Now, you can install the puller mechanism that is most appropriate for your keycap and device. Many people choose to install an automated device that allows the user to pull out or insert the key without taking the device out of its slot. This is the most convenient and easiest method of how to use keycap puller. The only drawback with this type of device is that it requires manual tightening and loosening of the caps.


If you are interested in buying the right device for your needs, then consider shopping online. There are a number of distributors and manufacturers available on the internet. These companies offer quality products at affordable prices. You can also read product reviews to see what other people think about certain products. Another important thing to consider when looking at how to use keycap puller devices is how secure the mechanism is. Choose a company that offers a lifetime guarantee so that your investment is protected.

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