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How to make keycaps?

Learning how to make keycaps for a keyboard can be a rewarding process if you like to customize everything. Keyboards have come a long way in the past few years, from having the same layout of keys as the Dell Model 30, down to being a platform for PC games. You can get your very own custom keycaps and not even have to pay anyone else. In this article, I will discuss how to make keycaps on a mechanical keyboard.

The process itself is actually very simple. To begin, you will need a program capable of creating keycaps. There are several programs available online, so the sooner you download one the sooner you can start creating your keycaps. Fortunately, many of the programs cost nothing, so you may even want to try them out before buying the program.

What should you prepare?

Once you have your program, you will need to get some materials. One of the easiest ways to make custom keycaps is to use anodized keycaps which have already been rubber stamped with your keystroke layout. Using these rubber stamped pads allows you to create a unique keypad that has your desired layout printed on it. If you prefer to have a keypad made entirely out of pads instead of paper, you can also do this.

After you have everything gathered, you will need to gather the tools necessary to start the process. A good program will come with all of the equipment you will need to craft each keycap. It includes a heat gun, an acrylic block that can hold dye, and a pressure pot to mix the dye and resins together. If you plan on doing your own key caps, it would be wise to invest in a pressure pot to ensure consistent colors and intensity. If you buy one pre-made and then have it mounted to the keypad, you may find that the pressure pot wears out over time and you will need to buy another one.

Another important tool that will come in handy for your how to make keycaps project is a set of quality acrylic stands. These stands will allow you to easily display your keycaps without worrying about them popping off or being damaged as they are being viewed. Acrylic stands are also an important part of building custom key caps. They will allow your keywords to be printed on keycaps as well. Without this keypad mounting support, your acrylic key caps won’t look right once they have been mounted on the keyboards.

The three tools mentioned above will help you with your how to make keycaps endeavors. If you’re looking for a how to make keycaps project, I recommend working with acrylic or mechanical keyboards. If what you want is cool custom keycaps, I recommend using a program specifically design to create artisan ones. Whatever you decide to do, it’s sure to be fun! Key caps are a great way to express your creativity and your love of certain brands and products.

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