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Silicone gel keycaps and what you should know

Silicone gel keycaps are a great alternative to plastic keycaps. Unlike plastic keyboards, they can be created out of high-grade silicone gel. This material is usually used for cosmetic and medical purposes because of its amazing features. It’s clear and lightweight, yet very sturdy and durable. Basically, this type of keycaps are transparent key caps with silicone gel as the main material.

Silicone gel keycaps
Silicone gel keycaps

Advantages of silicone gel keycaps

The main characteristics of these keypads are that they are translucent, lightweight, and very durable. Because of their translucent color, these silicone gel keycaps can be very easy to see even when the lights are off. This makes it very convenient when you’re in a low-light situation or during night time. It also helps avoid accidental keyloggers.

Apart from all these wonderful characteristics, silicone gel keypads also have another benefit over typical plastic keycaps: they are more resistant to bending and damages. This means that these silicone keypads can stand a lot longer than their plastic counterparts. You can expect around 50 million keycaps to be produced annually with silicone keypads. This figure is based on the number of keypads that are bought every year, which is almost twice as much as those keycaps made from plastic. If you’re planning on producing high quality keypads, silicone might just be the best alternative.

Disadvantages of silicone gel keycaps

The cost of these keypads is a little bit higher than regular plastic keycaps, but this is because of the materials that people use to create them. Silicone keypads are harder to mold so they’re more expensive. But the price of silicone is worth the price because these recaps last longer. Other advantages of these silicone keypads include their resistance to humidity and heat. This means that you won’t have to worry about them suffering from wear and tear.

Of course, in some cases it might be advantageous to use regular plastic keycaps, because they are cheaper. If you’re only using a small amount of keycaps in your projects, you should go for this option. But if you’ll be using a larger amount of keycaps, then you should go for the silicone gel keycaps. These are both durable enough and can resist extreme temperatures.

As mentioned earlier, some disadvantages of silicone keypads exist. Since they are more difficult to mold, they cannot as precisely crafted as plastic keycaps. But they are more resistant to scratches and this makes them perfect for use with sensitive equipment. This type of keycaps are also not flexible. They have a smooth surface, so they are not able to be imprinted with designs or logo. But, you can always use them in combination with other keycap materials to enhance functionality.

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