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If League of Legends is your favorite game, check this article out!

League of Legends keycaps are used in League of Legends (LoL) is a multi-player online game with the use of a mouse. LoL was created by game designer Marc Descartes as a competitive game and later on, he used it as a testing ground for new innovations in gaming technology. One of the innovations is the removal of the keys above the gaming keyboard to provide more user control. It also has a cool background, featuring the world map, the top line and the bottom line. Each of them has three lanes facing each other and contains a dragon representing the role of the player. The objective of the game is to kill the dragon and bring the bottom lane at the advantage, and the objectives are on the side bar.

As per the information provided on the website of LoL, the League of Legends keycaps have the mission of replacing original key caps of mechanical keyboard, which uses non-oem profile height keycaps. The new key caps are very lightweight and ergonomically design with the help of in-built travel and contour along with Cherry MX and Gateron ALPS switches. These switches are capable of providing smooth and fast action along with accurate tactile feel. They offer enhanced tactile feedback along with a linear response time that is ideal for inputting multiple characters and commands rapidly.

The new LoL keycaps are made in such a way that it is portable and easy to use. The entire design of the keycaps has been customized based on the popular gaming mouse pad. The complete set of LoL keycaps is designed for a total comfort and convenience when used along with the official LoL game.

When it comes to the aesthetics, they are pretty and chic. The dark blue legends key cap stands out and is pretty hard to miss. It is not only light in weight but also durable and long lasting. They can be use League of Legends keycaps for playing the game at any location as it comes with an additional USB key for plug and play purposes. You can use this USB key for other computer programs and also for other electronic gadgets.

The texture of the LoL keycaps is very smooth and textured. You can use them with any type of computer software and the most popular computer games. They made Lol keycaps with an extremely high quality shine that makes them look stunning and appealing. They are specifically made to suit the requirements of the gamers. The gaming experience never ends with the use of these keycaps. These are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical.

They are made of high quality rubber, which ensures no wear and tear. Most of the key caps come with a five year guarantee. You can order League of Legends keycaps online with lots of different designs. You can choose from different colors and also have them customized according to your preference. In case you want to personalize your keycaps, there is an option of having them crafted according to your design specifications.

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