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What Are The Best 75% Keyboards Of 2023?

You are a sophisticated person who appreciates the finer things in life if you are clicking on this post about the top 75% keyboards.

75% of keyboards will meet your needs and satisfy your desires for better. They achieve the ideal balance between the cramped 60% keyboard size and the big full-sized keyboard, which makes them ideal for maximizing space and performance.

Let me now take you through our hand-picked collection of the top 75% keyboards. We have manually tested each of them.

To assist you in selecting the ideal keyboard for you, we’ll go into greater depth about the specifications and features of each keyboard.

What Is A 75% Keyboard?

A 75% mechanical keyboard is a type of compact keyboard layout that is designed to be more space-efficient than a traditional full-sized keyboard. It gets its name from the fact that it retains approximately 75% of the keys found on a standard keyboard, excluding the number pad and some additional function keys.

A typical 75% mechanical keyboard layout consists of the following key sections:

  1. Alphanumeric keys: This section includes the letters, numbers, and basic symbols found on a standard keyboard. It is the main typing area and remains relatively unchanged in the 75% layout.
  2. Function row: The function row, typically located above the alphanumeric keys, contains the F1 to F12 keys. In a 75% layout, this section is usually compressed to accommodate other keys.
  3. Arrow keys: The arrow keys are usually condensed into a smaller cluster and positioned either to the right of the alphanumeric keys or in a compact layout within the bottom-right corner of the keyboard.
  4. Modifier keys: Modifier keys such as Shift, Control, Alt, and Win/Meta are usually present, although they may be rearranged or resized to fit the compact design.
  5. Navigation and editing keys: Commonly used keys for navigation (such as Home, End, Page Up, Page Down) and editing (such as Delete and Insert) are usually included, but they might be placed in different locations compared to a standard keyboard.

The 75% layout strikes a balance between a compact form factor and retaining essential keys for most users. It is favored by those who desire a smaller footprint without sacrificing crucial functionality. Additionally, many 75% mechanical keyboards support custom keycap sets, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their keyboard.

best 75% keyboards
What Are The Best 75% Keyboards Of 2023?

Why Should I Purchase One?

There are several reasons why you might consider purchasing a 75% keyboard:

  1. Space-saving design: If desk space is a concern for you, a 75% keyboard offers a more compact form factor compared to a full-sized keyboard. It allows you to reclaim valuable desk real estate, making it easier to manage your workspace and potentially improving ergonomics by reducing the distance between your keyboard and mouse.
  2. Portability: Due to its smaller size, a 75% keyboard is more portable than a full-sized keyboard. It’s easier to pack and carry, making it convenient for users who frequently travel or attend events where they want to bring their own keyboard.
  3. Functionality: While a 75% keyboard eliminates the number pad and some additional function keys, it still retains most of the commonly used keys, including alphanumeric keys, arrow keys, and modifier keys. Unless you heavily rely on the omitted keys, a 75% layout provides sufficient functionality for everyday tasks, including typing, gaming, and programming.
  4. Aesthetics and customization: Many 75% keyboards feature a visually appealing design and offer extensive customization options. You can find various color schemes, case materials, and keycap sets to match your personal style and create a keyboard that suits your preferences. Customizable keyboards allow you to swap out keycaps, change switches, and modify other aspects, giving you a unique and personalized typing experience.
  5. Improved typing ergonomics: The reduced size of a 75% keyboard can lead to a more comfortable typing experience. With the elimination of the number pad, you can keep your mouse closer to your primary hand, reducing strain on your shoulders and improving overall ergonomics.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a 75% keyboard depends on your personal preferences and requirements. If you value space-saving, portability, functionality, customization options, and potentially improved ergonomics, a 75% keyboard could be a suitable choice for you.

Keychron Q1 Pro

Without a doubt, this is the best advice for 75% of keyboards (and for all keyboards!).

The keyboard on the Keychron Q1 Pro is totally modified and put together with the same care as a bespoke keyboard!

You don’t even have to get your fingers messy.

Your sole challenging task will be to: Open the keyboard and connect it

Right out of the box, you receive a keyboard that feels and sounds good.

There aren’t many keyboards that don’t need any adjustments. And the ones that are available currently cost more than twice as much as the Q1 Pro.

The Q1 Pro is 75% the size of the Q1, so it features the entire function row, arrows, navigation buttons, and if you’re feeling frisky, a knob.

Would Bluetooth be useful? The Q1 Pro is effective.

Since the keycaps are composed of PBT plastic, a stronger and more durable substance, they won’t become grimy and oily.

You’re in luck if you desire a buttery smooth typing experience. The pre-lubricated switches on the keyboard make pressing a key feel so much nicer. Additionally, you never need to disassemble your keyboard, pry open each switch, and manually brush lubricant inside of it. Such a filthy procedure, ugh.

The skill of “the bounce” has also been perfected by the keyboard.

The Q1 Pro offers a responsive and adaptable typing experience. The hand and finger joints are considerably more easily accommodated. Additionally, it sounds amazing. I know you type quickly, but your keyboard won’t be emitting that unpleasant ringing ping when you do.

This is made possible by two key characteristics:

a plate made of polycarbonate. It feels less abrasive when you type on it than typing on a steel surface since it is thinner and more flexible.
the casing placed on a gasket. The gaskets, which are tiny rubber bits, are inserted into the casing to enhance the sound and sensation of each keypress.

And just in case you were curious… Yes, there is a key for deletion. God be praised.

The Q1 Pro is the best choice if you want to get a truly great keyboard and never think about keyboards again.

Keychron V1

And just in case you were curious… Yes, there is a key for deletion. God be praised.

The Q1 Pro is the best choice if you want to get a truly great keyboard and never think about keyboards again.

The Keychron V1 is by far the best alternative for those of us who are balling on a tight budget.

You also have choices.

The barebones kit, which costs $64, is an option if you want to create your own keyboard because you’re feeling adventurous.


A fully constructed version costs $84 and is available if you want a high-quality keyboard that you can plug in and use right away.

Either way, they are both excellent choices.

Keychron hasn’t skimped out on any details in comparison to competing keyboards at this pricing point.

Because Keychron includes a silicone dampening pad within the casing to improve the keyboard’s acoustics, the typing sound is not hollow like that of other plastic keyboards on the market.

There are RGB choices that you may change using keyboard shortcuts. If RGB isn’t for you, you can also turn it off. There is a choice.

With a polling rate of 1000Hz, they are also very responsive keyboards for playing games. Even when playing your most competitive games, there won’t be any input latency.

Remember that the knob version is programmable if you go that route. It is pre-programmed on the keyboard to increase/decrease the volume and mute for the push.

However, the entire keyboard is QMK and VIA compatible, allowing you to personalize it to your liking by reprogramming all the keys, layers, and layouts.

The Keychron V1 is a fantastic option for someone looking to enter the realm of bespoke mechanical keyboards.

These kits may be pre-assembled with pre-lubricated switches and robust PBT keycaps if you pay a little bit extra. This is a highly practical alternative if you don’t want to browse around.

You may get all of your parts from one website by visiting Keychron, which also sells keycaps and switches from other manufacturers. as well as a single delivery fee.

This keyboard’s lack of a bespoke feel is its sole drawback, but for a prebuilt, it’s really darn nice.


The newest and most notable ZX75 is part of the iQunix 80 series, which also includes the L80 Lime and A80 Explorer 75% keyboards.

The iQunix 80 series wins the award for the best-looking 75% keyboard since it offers the most high-end features in a prebuilt product. Featuring a stylish casing constructed of high-quality Polycarbonate plastic, two layers of sound-dampening foam, Tri-mode connection, premium keycaps, and hot-swappable plugs.

Compared to ABS plastic, polycarbonate casings provide a more satisfying, deeper sound and a robust design.

Foam soundproofing is used in the case’s tray-style bottom as well as between the PCB and plate. This will reduce resonance and hollowness and is a trait that is lacking in even more costly premium boards.

As opposed to a metal casing, the plastic case enables a stronger and more reliable wireless connection.

Three types of communication are available on the iQunix 80 series keyboards: wired USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, and quick 2.4 GHz wireless. The polling rate that Bluetooth offers is 125 Hz, but in wired and 2.4 GHz modes, it is rated at 1000 Hz polling for a quicker 1 ms reaction time suitable for gaming and general button bashing.

Although the enclosure doesn’t have a place to keep the receiver, the performance is good for a wireless keyboard.

The feature that truly takes this keyboard over the top is its hot-swappable connectors. Hot-swappable sockets, a recent addition to iQunix boards, offer versatility by allowing you to change, tweak, and remove the supplied switches without the need to solder or de-solder.

By selecting a board with hotswap, you may easily lubricate and film your switches or replace them with something completely new.

You can utilize any 3-pin or 5-pin Cherry MX-style switches thanks to the 5-pin hotswap sockets. The sockets position the LED in a North-facing direction, which raises the possibility of collisions between thicker Cherry-profile keycaps and your switch housings.

Although illuminated keycaps function well with North-facing switches, many backlit keycap sets do not support the 75% arrangement.

You won’t be able to alter the stabilizers to the same extent or use the same keycaps without the included adapters since they are “costar” type stabilizers rather than “Cherry style.”

Dye-sublimated PBT keycaps with an OEM profile are what are offered as keycaps. This ensures that there won’t be any interference or collision concerns, that the keycaps won’t eventually become glossy and slick, and that the legends won’t come off.

The only elements that differentiate the A80 and L80 are the casing design and the angle at which the Function-row is shown. Both share the identical set of functionality. The A80 has a higher forehead that angles the Function-row and is more evocative of “battlestation” keyboards than the L80’s bigger forehead. Each keyboard has a unique color scheme with a vintage-inspired style.

You need go no farther than the mechanical keyboards in the iQunix 80 series if you’re searching for a high-end, feature-rich 75% keyboard with a distinctive design and flexibility for customization.


The GMMK Pro is one of the best readily accessible in-stock 75% keyboards on the market and a game-changing competitor in the bespoke mechanical keyboard field.

The GMMK Pro continues Glorious’ tradition of upending social order. The full-aluminum housing of the GMMK Pro includes gasket mounting, case and plate foam, stabilizers installed on the pcb, an encoder knob, and LEDs facing south.

A supple, dampened typing experience may be far more gratifying than a rigid tray-mounted case, which is typical of all the keyboards on our list, thanks to the gasket-mounted case’s robust build quality.

By dampening and removing metallic resonance and hollowness that may otherwise be audible when your switches are lubricated and stabilizers are adjusted, the additional case and plate foam improves the typing sound.

For the smoothest experience without rattling, the stabilizers that are provided are PCB-mount screw-in stabs.

Keyboards are increasingly featuring encoder knobs, and for good cause. The inbuilt encoder knob is useful for managing productivity and workflow in addition to volume and media. To improve productivity when working or playing, the encoder knob may be configured with features like zoom, rotate, pan, scroll, and scrub.

The GMMK Pro stands out from the competitors because to its South-facing LEDs. Because Cherry-MX type switches were not intended to be North-Facing, there is interference when using Cherry-profile keycaps on the Home-row.

The problem is resolved when a PCB employs South-Facing LEDs, which enables the use of thicker Cherry-profile keycaps without interference or conflict. The addition of South-facing LEDs, quality materials, and a gasket mounting mechanism are characteristics that clearly place the GMMK Pro in the enthusiast category, even though they may not be optimal for aficionados of illuminated keycaps.

Epomaker EP84

The Epomaker EP84 is a 75% wired keyboard that is offered in hotswap and soldered configurations.

The general case design and layout of the EP84 are comparable to those of the KC84 and RK84. The PCB also features 5-pin hotswap sockets that face North and even has a layer of plate foam now.

Once more, OEM profile PBT plastic keycaps are supplied to prevent interference and highlight the various RGB lights.

The all-black or all-white casing and double-shot keycaps available for the Epomaker EP84 contribute favorably to the overall brightness of the RGB.

Although the EP84 lacks its own software, it is known to function with the KC84 software as well.

Check out the Epomaker EP84 if you’re seeking for a dependable entry-level keyboard with hot-swappable switches.

The HS84 delivers all the characteristics of the EP84 in a frosted translucent ABS plastic casing for even more illumination.

Just pay attention to your switches.

The way the LED lights are set up on these two boards makes a significant impact. Switches cannot be used on the HS84 because it has SMD lights that are mounted on top of the keyboard’s PCB and require a sizable space to be carved out for the LED. This shortcoming is not present in the EP84.

Keychron K3

The Keychron K3, one of the newest members of the Keychron Family, is marketed as the first Low-Profile, Optical, Hotswappable keyboard available. Although the K3 keyboard is creative, it’s possible that the implementation might be improved.

The Keychron K3 is available in a variety of configurations.:

  1. Soldered Mechanical White
  2. Soldered Mechanical RGB
  3. Hotswap Optical White
  4. Hotswap Optical RGB

The first of its kind, the optical low-profile switches offer hotswap even if the mechanical switch version does not have hotswappable switches.

The K3 switches are no different from other innovations in that they have drawbacks. The Optical Low-Profile switches have a reputation for being highly sensitive, actuating with the lightest touch and the least amount of movement.

Although the switches are hot-swappable, your options are restricted to Keychron switches, which might not provide you what you’re looking for. The switches with a clicky action appear to be the most reliable choice.

All of the switches have cross stems in the Cherry MX style, although the low-profile switches cannot be used with conventional keycaps.

The K3’s low-profile design is ideal for ergonomics, allowing for a more natural angle in the wrists, but for people who don’t use laptops for work, the flat keys and short travel distance may take some getting used to.

Keychron Q10

Although the switches are hot-swappable, your options are restricted to Keychron switches, which might not provide you what you’re looking for. The switches with a clicky action appear to be the most reliable choice.

All of the switches have cross stems in the Cherry MX style, although the low-profile switches cannot be used with conventional keycaps.

The K3’s low-profile design is ideal for ergonomics, allowing for a more natural angle in the wrists, but for people who don’t use laptops for work, the flat keys and short travel distance may take some getting used to.

Are your wrists sore and fatigued? Do you sense aging all the time?

This may be the answer to the daily aches and pains we suffer from spending all day at our workstations typing, gaming, and computing.

A 75% ergonomic “Alice” type keyboard that is designed to be less taxing on the wrists is the Keychron Q10.

As someone who frequently employs this layout, I’ll concede that although it’s not a panacea, it DOES VERY MUCH HELP.

And when I’m very exhausted, I prefer to alternate between using this and my regular keyboard.

Along with a range of pre-lubricated switch options, several case colors, a gasket mount, and a durable aluminum construction, the Q10 keyboard also boasts a solid build quality.

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