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Top 5 anime keycaps for an otaku

Here comes the combination of Otaku and customized keycaps junkies. You might know a lot of expensive and unique customized keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. However, since you are an Otaku aka Anime lover, you want something more. Then, you find the right place. Today, we are going to introduce to you a list of anime keycaps that can satisfy your hunger. 

PBT Anime keycaps: Magic girl

If you are a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura from Clamp, you might love these beautiful and cute artisan keycaps. These keycaps are dedicated for R4 keys and made of PBT plastic. It’s claimed that they are handmade, which makes the shipping time longer than usual. Of course, we can easily fall for these customized keycaps thanks to its beautiful theme. However, since they are from an unknown manufacturer, it’s difficult to guarantee the quality. According to some buyers, they find lots of small flaws in colors and details of the keycaps. 

With about $13, you can find these kawaii keycaps on Interner. If you just love the theme and don’t care too much about the quality and details, you should order one set. And, don’t forget to check the reviews carefully before spending.

Anime keycaps Magic Girl
Magic girl PBT Anime keycaps

Naruto the Sharingan Anime keycaps

It’s time for Naruto fans! Instead of offering a full or some keycaps with a theme like the first one in this list. This product only provides you with only one keycap. This keycap uses black and red as the main colors. It’s inspired by the Sharingan symbols; therefore, you can buy more than one variant for this product. 

This keycap uses 3D printing resin technique, so it’s durable and has an outstanding appearance. You can find this product on Internet with $31.99. In my opinion, this price is quite expensive for just 1 keycap. However, you get what you pay. There are lots of good reviews about the quality and the package of this product. Moreover, for crazy anime fans, they are willing to pay that much to get one special keycap.

Anime keycaps Naruto
Naruto the Sharingan Anime keycaps

One Piece Luffy Hat Anime keycaps

When it comes to anime keycaps, we can’t skip One Piece theme. For this theme, you can find hundreds of keycaps sets anywhere. However, we want to introduce to you a unique One-Piece keycap. This keycap has the shape of a Luffy hat placed on a treasure box. The color and details are made exactly like in the movie. 

The main material of this keycap is aluminum and it uses a Cherry profile. Since, it’s an artisan keycap, you have to order it in advance and wait for almost a month to get one. Another factor that makes you consider is the price. You have to spend around $64 to get one keycap on Etsy, which is quite high. In the same collection, you can find a Chopper hat keycap.

Anime keycaps Luffy One Piece
One Piece Luffy Hat Anime keycaps

Bleach Theme Anime Keycaps Set

This product offers you a whole keycap set with Bleach theme. Instead of being made with 3D shapes like the three others, this keycap set is only printed with images and special symbols inspired by the Bleach manga. The main colors are white, violet and orange. The space and enter keys are printed with image, while others look quite normal with text and symbols. 

The whole package provides you with 134 keycaps. These keycaps use PBT plastics and Cherry profile, which offers comfort while using. In comparison to others, 134 keycaps only cost you about $65 on Internet, which is much cheaper than the others in this list. Therefore, this option might be a good deal for anime fans. 

Anime keycaps Bleach

4D Doreamon Bell keycap 

Another artisan keycap for Doreamon fans. Like the One-Piece keycap in this list, you can find a better and more eye-catching option for your esc key with Doreamon bell keycap. This keycap is compatible with most mechanical keyboards. It’s made of aluminum, which enhances the durability. According to the manufacturer, this keycap is available for 62 million touches. Of course, we can’t guarantee until we get one and use it for a while. 

At the moment, this keycap is unavailable on Internet, since you have to contact the seller and place an order in advance. Therefore, we guess the price for one keycap might be around $60 or more including the shipping fee. If you have a wide budget for a special keycap, you can consider this one. However, make sure you read the reviews and check with the sellers before spending any pennies.

Anime keycaps Doraemon
4D Doreamon Bell keycap

Here is the list of some special and popular anime keycaps. There are still more because these keycaps are mostly inspired by anime. You can go to any ecommerce platform and search for the theme that you want, you will receive thousands of results. As a sensible customer, you should read the reviews and check the legitimacy of the sellers before buying anything. We advice you to but keycaps in to ensure the quality of products.

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