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Top most-wanted Japanese keycaps

When it comes to Japan, we all think about kawaii things. Keycaps are not out of this trend. For Japanese market, lots of keycap manufacturers offer cute with special design keycaps. Therefore, there are lots of keycap sets that you can’t find anywhere except in Japan. Now! Let’s take a look at some lovely Japanese keycaps.

YMDK Miami Laser-Etched Top Print OEM Keycap

At first look, you will think this keycap set is definitely for the Japanese keycaps market. They are designed with pink and blue colors, which is so adorable. This is a product from YMDK, which is also a prestigious company. These keycaps are equipped with OEM profile. With this profile, it won’t take long for you to get familiar with those keycaps. However, they do not provide you with a full set, so you only can replace some keys on the keyboard. 

These Japanese keycaps are suitable for any purposes. You can use them for gaming or typing because this OEM profile is so popular with mechanical keyboards for its easy-to-use feature. Moreover, the price is also affordable. You can get one set on with around $19, which is quite ideal if you just fall in love with their look.

Black and Latte color keycaps
Take a deep breath and admire its beauty

Ahegao Keycap Dye Sublimation OEM Profile

Are you an otaku? If yes, this keycap set is for you. These keycaps are totally different from others. Instead of boring characters carved on keycap, these keycaps are the images of more than 100 anime girl facial expressions. Most of them will make you blush because it’s a bit like hentai. Therefore, we only recommend these keycaps for those who are over 18-year-old and can remember all the character positions of a keyboard. 

About the quality, although you think these Japanese keycaps are like a joke, it’s made of 1.4mm high-quality PBT plastic and anti-grease coating, which creases the keycaps’ durability. This set also uses OEM profile, which improves users’ experiences for all purposes. With the height of this profile, you will feel great comfort while typing. The full set comes with 108 keycaps, but you also can buy a mini set. They are compatible with most mechanical keyboards. The price for one set is almost the same as the first set, you only need to pay $22 – $26 for a set on and a bit more from some other stores.

Ahegao Anime Keycap
This type of Japanese keycap is very popular among gamers

OEM cherry blossom keycaps

Another cutie from ABBY-J. This keycap company doesn’t sound familiar; however, they offer you a very lovely keycap set with a cherry blossom theme with pink and white colors. The most interesting feature of this keycap set is the image of cherry flowers painted in a very sophisticated way in some keycaps. The color was carved into the keycaps so it doesn’t fade easily. 

These keycaps are made of PBT plastic with about 1.5mm thickness. We don’t need to discuss the durability of this material. Moreover, the surface brings you a grainy feeling, so it’s not easy to get shiny like ABS plastic. Unfortunately, this keycap set doesn’t support back lightning. Where can you buy one? Most famous e-commerce platforms offer these keycaps and the price is various, but you can get a good one around $30.

Cherry blossom keycaps with pink
A perfect gift for a female user

Cherry profile Sushi theme keycap 

What else makes you think of Japan except Anime? Sushi, of course! These keycaps offer you a very cool appearance. Some keycaps (most of them are numbers) are replaced by various kinds of sushi instead of ordinary numbers. Besides, the keycap set is also painted with temples and Fuji mount, which are very Japanese. The main colors are light blue and yellow, which creates an attractive look.

Like other friends in this list, the material for these keycaps is PBT plastic. However, since this set uses Cherry profile, which improves your feeling while typing. Moreover, if you are into nice sound, you should consider this profile. You can use this keycap set for gaming or typing, they all create a conformable feeling.

Sushi theme blue and yellow keycap 
A perfect mix of yellow and light blue

Since the unique design with Cherry profile, the price for these keycaps is much more expensive than the others. On, you can find them around $40. However, there are not many available; therefore, you need to contact and ask for the price. 

Here is the list of some most-wanted Japanese keycaps sets. They are all manufactured with high-quality material with unique designs for Japanese favorites. Besides, these keycaps are equipped with popular and easy-to-use profiles, so you don’t have to worry too much if you use them for the first time. You should check carefully and compare the price before getting your favorite Japanese keycaps, and one of my advice is looking for some in 

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