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What drives people crazy about novelty keycaps?

If you like customized keycaps in general, you might know about novelty keycaps. However, this term might be a bit new to some newbies; therefore, today we are going to talk about this type of keycaps. 

What are novelty keycaps?

First of all, we should know that novelty keycaps are made purely for decorative purposes. Some keyboards manufacturers or dealers sometimes offer novelty keycaps along with the keyboard as an attachment or gift.

These keycaps are often decorated with symbols, images or text associated with famous legends, or these keycaps even come with some words or images that are not related to the function of the keycaps themselves such as the word “panic” or an emoji. The novelty keycaps are produced using modern technology with the aid of production lines from large factories and there is no craftsmanship in them.

You should consider if you want to use these keycaps because they often replace important function keys such as Esc, Alt, Enter, etc. And, not all of us are familiar with the positions of all these keys.

novelty keycap
Do you know what is novelty keycap?

How many types of novelty keycaps can you find?

There are actually no specific categories of types of novelty keycaps. However, people tend to classify them according to:

  • Keycap material: the most common material is ABS plastic
  • Keycap printing technique: Dye-sublimation or doubleshot
  • Profile keycap: low profile / SA / OEM
  • The size or type of compatible switch 
  • The led can go through or not

All of this information is included in the package after you get one set. Of course, the name of the keycaps and the keys that they represent are shown as well.

novelty keycap
There are 5 common ways to difference novelty keycap

How novelty keycaps capture our attention?

We have lots of reasons to spend money on anything. Now, let’s see how manufacturers offer those keycaps as a gift. 

The first reason is creating an inspiration. A single or multi-color keyboard still doesn’t seem like enough for a real gamer, according to some mechanical keyboard junkies. Depending on your preferences, your own inspiration, you can choose one or several corresponding novelty keycaps to attach to special keys on your keyboard to make everything more lively. The feeling when typing on these keys becomes more special. 

Secondly, these special keycaps also help you to avoid wrong typing. When you type with your keyboard, you might not look at the keyboard always and might cause some mistakes. However, an outstanding keycap represents a special function button with a distinctive look that will help reduce the chance of committing any errors because they can capture your attention well. 

Lastly, you might love them for decorative purposes. A special novelty keycap will stand out among the crowd of normal keycaps on the keyboard, creating a highlight for any boring mechanical keyboard.

novelty keycap
Why so you love novelty keycap?

Besides, lots of people find it very interesting to spend hours on finding the most special novelty keycaps for their keyboard. I know people spend hours at night after work just scouring the pages selling novelty keycaps and collecting unique buttons for themselves. For them, the keyboard is not beautiful and attractive enough if there is a lack of some novelty keycaps. 

Buying some special keycaps is not a big deal to anyone who loves collecting them. However, this is still one small thing that we should take into account. The price of these keycaps are various. You can easily find some blank keycaps, which costs only about 2 dollars. In addition, you also can find some premium novelty keycaps with beautiful themes and they can be up to 90 dollars/ keycap.

novelty keycap
Buy one if you have a chance

Another thing you should consider is that when you replace some important keys on your keyboard, you might make some mistake with them. This is because these novelty keycaps don’t represent their true function. Therefore, make sure that you master your keyboard before making any changes. 

Like artisan keycaps, novelty keycaps are not too popular like others, but they have their own market and taste. For those who fall in love with them by accident, this is an interesting market. If you spend enough time, you might have a chance to get some stunning and never-seen-before novelty keycap sets.

These keycaps will make your keyboard look marvelous and unique. They also save your eyes from looking at a boring keyboard for hours. However, you always should consider and be careful with all deals on the internet. We advice you to visit to find out the keycaps that suit you the most!

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