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5 Worst Computer Keyboards You Shouldn’t Buy

I’ve always attempted to evaluate the finest of the best keyboards throughout my keyboard reviewing career so you may discover the right match for your keyboarding needs. But this is an entirely other story. So today we’ll be discussing some of the worst computer keyboards on the market right now.

You may be wondering what constitutes a poor keyboard and which keyboards are particularly horrible; well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.

In this post, I’ll discuss terrible keyboards, what makes a keyboard awful, attributes in a good keyboard, and ultimately offer you a list of the 13 worst computer keyboards that you should avoid at all costs. So, make sure you read this article all the way to the conclusion if you don’t want to waste your time and money on these products.

5 Worst Computer Keyboards You Shouldn't Buy
5 Worst Computer Keyboards You Shouldn’t Buy

How bad keyboards look like?

A poor keyboard, like any other product or gadget, is one that does not fulfill the functions that it claims. Another meaning is a keyboard that provides poor value for money and does not employ the finest components on the market.

Over the last few decades, there have been a slew of bad keyboards released alongside some excellent ones. However, the majority of individuals ended up purchasing those keyboards and subsequently regretting it. That’s what I want to spare you all from, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Nowadays, most keyboards are on par or better to compete with other brands on the market, but there are some surprisingly terrible keyboards out there. So we’ll definitely check at these keyboards and what they have to offer.

How Can You Tell if a Keyboard Is Broken?

One way to tell if a keyboard is defective is to buy it and use it yourself. But we don’t want to go down that road. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of what you could discover in some of the worst keyboards available right now. Let’s take a quick look.

  • Poor Price-to-Value Ratio – When it comes to the overall price-to-feature ratio and value of the keyboard, it falls well short of expectations and proves to be a poor investment. Such keyboards include far less features than you expected or were promised.
  • Strange Design Choices – Over the years, numerous firms have tried to go outside the box and develop a keyboard design that is both distinctive and true to them, but most of these ideas, rather than succeeding, wind up being the keyboards’ downfall, which is why strong designs are vital.
  • Ergonomically Incorrect — When it comes to the success of a keyboard, comfort is a significant component. This factor is not well-defined in bad keyboards. They are ergonomically wrong, which leads to poor use.
  • Keyboard Switches That Aren’t Working – Keyboard switches are the lifeblood of keyboards. Some people don’t use mechanical switches at all, while others utilize low-quality ones that are either difficult to push or have an awful feel about them.

Keyboard Characteristics

While we’re on the subject of terrible keyboards, let’s take a moment to consider some of the characteristics that you’ll discover in better keyboards; So, here are a few of the positive characteristics of a decent computer keyboard.

  • Multiple Functions — A good computer keyboard will often offer a plethora of features, customization choices, and even hidden components that you will be shocked to discover. These qualities are what set these keyboards apart.
  • High-quality Design – Everything from the overall appearance of the keyboard to the design choices, the frame, build, ergonomics, and everything in between is very high-quality and premium in good keyboards, and is critical to the keyboard’s market success.
  • Excellent switches – Mechanical switches are quite important on a keyboard. If a keyboard employs high-quality mechanical switches with solid actuation, great keypress and feel, and overall superior longevity, it is undoubtedly one of the best.
  • Versatility – A good keyboard isn’t simply one type of keyboard. It is a flexible keyboard that may be used for a variety of tasks. Whether you’re a typist, a programmer, or a gamer, it should deliver excellent keypress and actuation for all applications.

Avoiding the 5 Worst Computer Keyboards

If you wind up purchasing a poor keyboard, it might create a slew of issues. That’s why I’ve compiled a list to keep you from purchasing some of the worst keyboards. Here is a list of the 5 worst computer keyboards you should never buy:

Razer Deathstalker

The Deathstalker, while regarded as one of Razer’s better value keyboards, isn’t without flaws. When it comes to construction quality, it is, in reality, on the lower end of the range.

The Deathstalker is, without a doubt, inexpensive, but this does not restrict its price. The Deathstalker’s component quality, plastic construction, chiclet switches, and non-intuitive macro programming certainly didn’t help it, which is why it’s on this list of keyboards that won’t offer you a good return on your investment.

Logitech G710+

Logitech produces some of the greatest keyboards and gaming peripherals, but the G710+ was a huge disappointment. This keyboard was an utter shambles, with an exorbitant price tag and a design and quality that didn’t match.

The entire appearance of the keyboard was unimpressive, and neither were the functionalities. For example, the illumination was supposed to be a high point, but it was excessively bright and didn’t come with many customization choices, and the macro was restricted to six keys, which was also strange.

Logitech K320

The Logitech K320 was released with the primary purpose of focusing on ergonomics, which is fantastic since it was highly ergonomic; the keys, the design, and everything else was above average.

But it has a slew of flaws. It lacked the interesting features that a contemporary computer keyboard requires, and it lacked a palm rest. Along with such features, it was a colossal beast that was impossible to accommodate on a tiny workstation. Finally, the pricing was not favorable. As a result, this keyboard had more drawbacks than positives, which contributed to its demise.

AULA Mechanical Demon King

The AULA Mechanical Demon King was introduced as an entry-level mechanical gaming keyboard, and it was decent until it wasn’t. That is, at least, what occurred with my evaluation of it.

The keyboard appears to be fine, but when it comes to keypresses, the mechanical keys nearly feel too wobbly and unstable, which seemed extremely wrong to me when pushing. As a result, I ended up not using the keyboard at all and felt as if I had wasted my money.

Celluon Epic Projection Keyboard

Projection is perhaps one of the most sophisticated keyboard technologies. Cellion’s Epic Projection Keyboard, on the other hand, isn’t perfect. The concept is brilliant, but the execution is abysmal.

The holographic keyboard is a pain in the buttocks due to the inaccuracy of the clicks and the difficulty of typing. The clicks do not always function. In the end, there isn’t much going for this, and if you buy it, you’ll get over it quickly.


Can keyboards be harmful? Certainly. You may come across numerous pitiful keyboards throughout your life, just like any other merchandise. When it comes to computer keyboards, there are few that are worse than these.

If you wind up buying them, they’ll be a terrible investment, but if you’re intrigued and want to spend some money on testing, go ahead.

I hope you learnt a lot from this tutorial of worst computer keyboards and that you don’t make a poor purchasing decision. Instead, have a fantastic keyboarding experience with one of the best keyboards I’ve tested!

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