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Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard

Whether you’re a gamer or an office worker, the idea of having the ultimate minimalistic computer setup has probably crossed your mind. When we think of clean, minimalistic settings, the first thing that springs to mind is blank keycaps on a keyboard.

You may be asking if you should use those keycaps on a keyboard. What are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing them?

In this post, I will briefly describe what blank keycaps are, how they may benefit your setup, and the downsides that they have.

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Black Blank Keycaps
Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard

What exactly are blank keycaps?

Blank keycaps are key caps that are totally devoid of any form of printing. When you use these keycaps, you will not notice the printing since the keycaps are smooth and have no printing layer on them.

People that use those keycaps are frequently asked, “How do you know where all the keys are?” and “Are these keys working?” That is the allure of blank keycaps – mystery and intrigue.

If you’re a frequent typer, you’ve probably observed that you don’t generally look at your keyboard when composing sentences. In fact, I don’t even need to glance at my keyboard when I’m typing.

The reason behind this is because our muscle memory has adapted to the different keys and the space between them as a result of frequent typing and practice.

That is why we have no trouble typing without looking. So, if you want to improve the overall aesthetics of your keyboard and opt for a minimalistic clean design, pick a set of those keycaps for your keyboard.

Blank Keycaps Brown and Black
Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard

Why Should You Use Blank Keycaps on Your Keyboard?

You now understand what blank keycaps are, but you may be ignorant of the advantages and benefits that those keycaps provide. That is why I have compiled a list of the benefits of utilizing this type of keycaps that you should certainly review.

Aesthetics of the Visual

The primary reason for utilizing those keycaps on your keyboard is to improve visual aesthetics. Every attractive configuration includes a blank keycap keyboard since key printing and legends are generally obtrusive and detract from the overall beauty of the keyboard being used.

That’s why I’d advocate utilizing this type of keycaps on your keyboard if you’re comfortable typing with them and don’t require a lot of practice.

Improved Touch Typing Skills

The act of typing without utilizing the sense of sight to identify the keys is known as touch typing. Touch typing is when you type without needing to glance at the key on the keyboard.

You will be able to improve your touch typing skills with blank keycaps because practice is required. This is fantastic because you can type without constantly looking at the keyboard, and your general typing speed will improve, which is great for frequent typists.

Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard
Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard

Password Security

Have you ever been concerned that a friend or acquaintance may see your personal passwords or identity while you’re typing in front of them? With those keycaps, that’s no longer an issue.

You can type without hesitation, and because there are no legends on the keycaps because they are blank, no one can learn anything about your confidential passwords. As a result, your personal account and details will stay fully private and secure, and you will be able to access confidential information without fear of someone peeping through your records.

Nice Setup

Are you looking for a computer configuration that is both basic and clean? You’re only a single set of those keycaps away from it, after all. That’s correct. You would assume there isn’t much of a difference, but when you put a printed keycap keyboard and a blank one side by side, there is a significant difference.

So, if you want to establish a clean and crisp configuration for your business job or personal use, you should certainly go with a blank keycap keyboard.

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Why You May Dislike Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard

Although mentioned keycaps have many advantages, they also have certain disadvantages that you should be aware of. The following are some of the primary disadvantages of utilizing those keycaps on your keyboard.

There will be no sloppy typing

You won’t be able to casually type letters and characters by looking at those keycaps since there will be no printing on the keycaps. One of the biggest disadvantages of using a blank keycap keyboard in your computer configuration is this.

Experience with professional typing is required

If you are not a frequent typist or gamer who is familiar with all of the keys that they utilize on a regular basis, then things may be difficult for you. To be able to utilize this type of keycaps effectively, you will require expert typing and keyboard knowledge.

Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard
Pros and Cons of Using Blank Keycaps on a Keyboard

Finding Special Characters Is Difficult

If you aren’t just working with letters and numbers, but also use special characters in your everyday work, things will be more challenging for you. If you are unfamiliar with touch typing, you will be unable to locate the special characters without the assistance of a guide.

It takes time to adjust.

Are you new to touch typing? If you’re a novice and wish to convert to blank keycaps, you’ll need to put in a lot of work and time to become used to typing without looking at the prints.


These are the primary advantages and disadvantages of utilizing blank keycaps on your keyboard. If you can get past the disadvantages and focus on the benefits, you will have a fantastic time touch typing with your blank keycaps. That is why, as long as you know what you’re doing, blank keycaps are well worth it.

It will not only improve your typing experience, but it will also improve the overall aesthetic attractiveness of your system. I wish you the best of luck with your blank keycap keyboard!

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