Clear Keycaps

Alongside the clear key caps, another very popular silent switch are the Cherry MX Clear keyswitches. Their tactile feedback and great accuracy make them one of, if not the best keyswitches out there for a ton-of-practice and a lot of. Cherry MX Clear keycaps come in different colors with different translucent patterns. Some come in solid form, while some are clear and have built-in LED lights. Whatever way you look at them, Cherry MX Clear keyswitches are some of the sturdiest and best silent switches around.

If you are looking for a tactile feel and a clear type of feedback, the Gateron Clear Touch is your answer. Unlike many other keycaps types that come in a variety of translucent colors and patterns. This keyboard type offers you an almost black matte-like finish. This gives them a really sleek and sophisticated look which suits perfectly well in many gaming keyboard situations. The Gateron Clear Keycaps is also made with a much stronger backlighting system than their less expensive counterparts. So they can light up the entire key to full effect without dimming down the actual light itself. They come with a special built-in adjustment light. It illuminates the entire key for easy navigation in terms of functionality and visual clarity. It makes them highly recommended for any serious gaming keyboard.

The final type, we’ll discuss are the linear and rotary keycaps. Like the Cherry MX Clear and the Gateron Clear, the Actuation Keycaps from Logitech offers the same clear. Tactile feel and great response time when used with their mechanical keyboards. However, with Actuation, they give off a slight tingling effect as your fingers hit the keys, which is not only a pleasant feeling but also increases your level of alertness. With these two selections, you can change up the overall feel of your keyboards, allowing for greater versatility and personal preferences. There are a few different types of rotary and linear keycaps that Logitech offers, so be sure to check out some additional reviews on them!

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