Maxkey Keycaps

Hello, everyone, I’m glad you stopped by to check out my shop and check out my products. My name is Maxkey and I’m a computer enthusiast. My main focus is on computer DIY’ing projects such as customizing computer cases, keyboards, mice, headsets, USB sticks and others. I love electronics and building electronic devices. My shop specializes in computer hardware for both serious collectors and casual users. If you are in the market for some Maxkey Keycaps, I’m happy to help!

This is my personal review of Maxkey. This is my opinion and my shop’s evaluation. This is not an unbiased review. This is my experience with Maxkey Keycaps. I have not tried any of my colleagues’ key caps, but I believe that Maxkey’s customer service was very good and their product quality meets or exceeds most other manufacturer’s standards.

I think they have several different types of key caps. From what I’ve seen, they seem to be primarily plastic, but there are a few styles that use translucent plastic for the inset of your key switch. There are a few different models of Maxkey. From what I’ve observed, they all seem to have decent key assembly quality, but some of the Maxkeys with LED light indicators don’t fit well in very small key spaces. The Maxkey Pro series seems to have the best key cap durability and functionality and these are the most popular models of the Maxkey range.

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