Silicone keycaps

There are a number of different manufacturers that produce and sell Silicone keycaps. These include Dell, Logitech, Cooler Master, and Bestop. All of these different manufacturers all have a number of different key layout options to choose from, such as all black, all silver, and so forth. These keycap sets will allow you to match the color of your keyboard up with the type of keycap set you are purchasing. While the above keycap choices should be fairly obvious, there are some other characteristics to consider when purchasing Silicone keycaps.

For example, Silicone keypads have a tendency to come with more standard sized and shaped rubber inserts. In many cases it will match the color of the rest of the keyboard. If you are looking for a completely different look, such as a keycap set made from clear silicone, then you will probably need to go out and get a clear rubber insert. If you are looking for a keycap set, such as Dell branded Dell keyboards that use Dell standard switches, then you should really go out and purchase keycap sets made from Cherry MX or ALPS switches.

When looking at Silicone keypads, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. First, if you are considering Cherry MX or ALPS switches, you should make sure that the Silicone keycap that you choose will match the switches you are using, since these are the two most common switches. Second, if you are looking to purchase Silicone keypads because you are starting your own custom design company. And you want to create unique keypad sets, then you should definitely go out and find some custom keypad sets, such as those that come in pink or blue, which would match your pink laptops or blue computers.

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