Novelty Keycaps

Novelty key caps are a new kind of keycap. Unlike most keycaps, these key caps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Novelty key caps are usually sold in sets, starting at $20 or more up to several hundred bucks, depending on the key’s size and material. Some novelty keyboards like the old QWERTY keyboard from the late 70s and early 80s had thousands of different keypads pressed simultaneously.

Novelty keycaps often come in bright, flashy colors. These colors give the keycap its distinguishing feature, such as an arrow keycap that lights up when you press it. Others have designs of animals, cartoon characters or songbirds. You can even buy keycaps with your favorite sports team or other design that completes your keycap with meaning.

Novelty keycaps often come with small plastic pieces glued to the front or the back of the keycap. The pieces normally have letters or words printed on them and match the letters of the alphabet which form part of the design. You can also get keycaps with music notes. There is a wide range of characters to choose from and they make great collectors’ items. or size in the existing stocks. You can have your company name printed on them and have them engraved if you want. You can get such novelty keycaps in various shapes such as round, oblong, rectangular and square.

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