OEM Keycaps

Enjoy fantastic savings, excellent quality and great discounts when you shop OEM keycaps on keycapscustom.com as regards both prices and convenience. We offer frequent new releases, keeping you up to date with the most recent designs and trends. We also offer app-only and web only deals, free shipping bonuses, top-of-the-line flash deals. Also exclusive manufacturer and dealer discounts, promo codes, brand and dealer discounts and many more promotions. They help us to make your next shopping spree even more fun and productive. With us, you also get to enjoy special gift sets that we call “key-set vision”, which are exclusively designed for our customers, featuring one of each of the thirty-two different types of switches and features.

In addition to the above, we also have a great selection of cheap generic switches and keypad sets that aren’t from our OEM group. However, if you do buy these, they won’t have the same quality or features that an OEM keypad will have. These cheap switches and keypad sets are usually made in China, Taiwan or some other Asian country. Many of these cheap switches and keypad sets have really poor keypad mounting mechanisms.They often come loose and/or bend out of shape after several months of use. If you’re looking for durable, long-lasting keycap sets and switch sets that are easy to install and remove, then OE key caps are your best choice.
For those that want to purchase OE keycaps but don’t actually have a working mechanical keyboard, we offer a great alternative. For a small amount of extra money, you can receive a set of genuine IBM-OEM keycaps for your keyboards. We’ve found that these keycaps work great on a Logitech G- Compos and other similar devices. In addition, because these keycaps are made in the USA instead of in a Chinese factory. They’re far more durable than the cheap Chinese imitations. Plus, comparing to OE keycaps, they are not significantly more expensive. So if you want a strong, long-lasting keycap set for your keyboard, consider purchasing a genuine IBM-OEM set.

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