Cherry Keycaps

Cherry keycaps are a unique and yet extremely common keycap type which is made of a high-grade rubber. The function of those keycaps are typically for the manufacture of Cherry MX keyboards. Especially for their tactile feedback that Cherry MX offers to users. One of the most common features of this type of keycaps is that they tend to give off a unique “characteristics” or “look” when connected together with certain colors. For example “Purple Red”, that gives off a different “look” than would be given to a keypad made of a different color, for example “Light Blue”. People usually use those·keycaps are commonly on Cherry MX computers and keyboards, as their tactile feedback makes them very easy to feel and use.

Cherry MX keycaps use a solid state circuit that provides an extremely high amount of control over how each key acts. This means that, with those keycaps, you can tailor each key to act in a certain way. And to provide your keyboard with a unique “characteristics”. Cherry MX keycaps are extremely popular on Cherry MX computer keyboards and joysticks. Moreover, this type of keycap has proven to be a favorite among many users.

Another common feature that Cherry keycaps are noted for is that they tend to provide a firmer feel to than many of the other keypad types on the market currently (especially those made of plastic). For this reason, people use Cherry MX mounts keyboards on some of the top selling desktop computers of recent years. With the popularity of those keycaps, many companies have begun producing replacement backlit keypad layouts for their Cherry MX keyboards and mouse matches. With so many different Cherry MX mounts keypad layouts to choose from, it’s up to you to decide which one best fits your tastes!

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